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<What the hell is this!?> A small black cat sitting on the ground is looking around in confusion. It's red ruby eyes looking around cautiously, it's mind was in chaos as it thought about what just happened.

<"I thought i was dead. What the hell. Did someone save me? No, that couldn't have happened. I clearly remember my body was split in two, no one could have saved me. Then how am I still alive."> It's tail started to hit the ground as it thought hard about how it was still alive and where it was. <"Okay enough. First lets try to remember the important things. Okay. My name is Kage, but i can't remember my last name or the faces of my family. I died when a helicopter suddenly crashed on the ground and one of the blades spilt my lower body from my upper.... But anything after that i can't remember... Ah~ this is so frustrating!!!"> The cats tail whipped around angrily as it started pawing at the ground.

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<"Hmm maybe I should call for help."> The small black cat stood up and tried to call for help but all that came out was "MROWWW!!" <"Wait you've got to be kidding me..."> The cat then plopped down on the ground and looked down at his tiny paws <"No way..."> It tried to clinch his paws into a fist but his long sharp claws popped out instead <"No way in hell!! I've been reincarnated into a cat!!!">

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