2 [2]

<"Ah~ why... At least give me a chance to be human!! Ugh, god if you can hear my at least give me some kind of cheat"> Kage covered his head and quietly sobbed to himself. At that moment a mechanical womanly voice rang out inside his head {"Host wishes received. Please complete the mission to receive reward."} <" What? Mission?"> He looked up and saw a big blue screen. <"Wow! This is awesome!! Thank you god."> {" Host needs to complete the mission to receive reward."} The voice rang out once again. <"Huh? Who are you?."> {"Completing host's request... I am System 0046, Host is required to rename system..."} <"Rename? Hmm Lets see... what would be a good name for a system..."} Kage tilted his head while thinking of a name for his new system. Meanwhile a large beast was in the bushes waiting for the right moment to pounce.

<"Ooh I've got it, how about Ena, it means gift from god."> {"System 0046 has received the name Ena. Host has leveled up."} <"So i can level up by naming the system..."> {"WARNING!!! System Detected murderous aura nearby!!! Host level too low to fight back!!! Escape the beast!!!"}

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<"What the hell!?! Damn it I still haven't had time to figure out where I am and im already being targeted."> The beast in the bushes jumped out at Kage, but missed as Kage got up and started to run. <"What the f*ck was that thing!!!"> He looked back while running and saw a large Silver Wolf, it's claws were sharper than a sword and could easily pierce through metal. <"Luckily i started running or else I would've been dead again."> He turned back around and focused on running.

######### (A few miles in front of Kage)#####

A man in light armor walked up to a carriage. "Princess we couldn't find the silver wolf beast." Inside the carriage sat a beautiful woman that any man would fall in love with by one look. "Tch. Search more, it wouldn't have gotten far with that poison arrow impaled into it's eye."


As Kage came closer to the site the silver wolf chasing him got closer. <"Damn it why me!?!"> He Ran Faster and soon the carriage came into view. <"Finally some help."> Kage ran and jumped head first into the carriage into the princess's lap. Princess surprised by the sudden animal jumping into her carriage looked down at her lap. "A kitten?" She reached down and started to pet him. Kage looked up at the princesses with his big red eyes and meowed at her. "Oh? Are you trying to tell me something little one." Princess said but was soon interrupted by one of her soldiers screaming.. "Princess!!! It's the Silver Wolf king!!!"

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