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I Don’t Want This Bad Ending


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[WPC#3: Bronze Tier Winner] In the famous romance novel “A Happy Ending” has a cliche plot of a heroine picking her favorite fish in the fishpond and becoming a happy female lead at the end of the story. The villainess, Evelyn Callie von Emsworth is the young lady of the Dukes House, a spoiled lady that craved for love, she bullies the heroine and died at the guillotine by the order of the Male Lead which she loves. While everyone had "A Happy Ending", only Evelyn was met with a tragic death. What will happen when a graduating college student died and become part of the famous novel “A Happy Ending” and became the tragic villainess of the story? Will she stay at the original plot? Or will she turn her fate and create another path? Will everything came to light and will the story deviate from the original? *** [EXCERPTS:] "I don't need a useless daughter," said Duke Keene. "Why can you just die silently?" Allan said. "You were the one who was always stalking me. Disgusting!" said Edickart. "You're the one who's playing with fire!" Cabel said. "Can you mind your own business?!" Silvester states. "I hate you and your whole family!" said Adley. "How can you do this, Lady Evelyn?! You're vicious!" said by the heroine, Elise. "Wait... I didn't do any of this!" Evelyn pleaded! But wait... What is this?! "There's something you need to know... The answer lies in your lost memories." "Wait... And who the f*ck are you?!" *** Find out how she will regain her lost memories and how the future will unveil for the future Villainess. "Hello, Author??? Yohoo~ there wasn't something like this written in your story?!" (√ # ` ×` )√ *turn table* "This is a scam! I need a refund for this stupid novel!!!" - P.s. picture, not mine. credit to the owner. Take note: THIS NOVEL IS A SLOW BURN.


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