I Can Extract Everything
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I Can Extract Everything


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What is I Can Extract Everything

I Can Extract Everything is a popular web novel written by the author Mysterious_Pen, covering SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, COMEDY, ACTION, NOTHAREM, ADVENTURE, WEAKTOSTRONG, MYSTERY, SLICEOFLIFE, Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.6M readers with an average rating of 4.54/5 and 94 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 48 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This is the story of a young man, after being thrown into the Novices' Quarter and suddenly obtained a system that could extract anything in this world. [Extraction Completed!] [Obtained 1000 Qi Strands] [Obtained Great Fortune Compass] [Obtained 1.5 million spirit stones] [Obtained Turtle Breathing Technique] *** One day a junior asked Qin Yi. "Senior Brother Qin, how could I become powerful like you??" "Eh? Just fed your several senior brothers with stones and snacks, and then you would become naturally powerful like me." "..." ----- Disclaimer: The cover doesn't belong to me. I found it on Pinterest. Therefore, the credits belong to its owner. If someday the owner wanted me to take it down, please tell me!

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Hello, welcome to "I Can Extract Everything". I'm here to give you a warning before you read this novel. 1.This novel is not a Harem genre, and I already tagged it. 2. I'm still a budding writer. You would find many mistakes, inconsistencies, and familiarity, especially in chapters 1 - 10. After I read the Buddha's Palm Sign-In, I wrote this book and then got a sudden inspiration. As for ISSTH, I took it because I wasn't sure how to explain the sect's environment. It just so happened that WNs held a WFP with the theme of "Academy," so I had no choice to start the sect's story. 3. Even though I titled it "I Can Extract Everything," it doesn't mean the system can extract everything. The system has several limitations, and please read the novel for more details. 4. My grammar is horrible, I received many complaints here, and I can't help it. I'm not native English, and English isn't even my second language. I wrote this novel relying on 30% of my English skills, 35% Google Translator, and 35% Grammarly. Therefore, if you have a Grammar-complex, I advise you not to read this novel; it might hurt your eyes and brain cells, and your English language skills might also regress. Don't say that I didn't warn you and later complain, "I regret reading this novel and blablabla..." Of course, that doesn't mean I won't improve my Grammar. I'll hire an editor once I have the money hehe... However, sometimes some readers took the initiative to correct my chapters. They are very kind people, and I really appreciate them. 5. I tagged the weak-to-strong genre. This means MC started from weak and indirectly OP. 6. MC Character: I can say he is a little clever, cautious, friendly, a little funny, decisive, and more importantly, he knew no pride as long as he survives in this world. Also, I want to tell you this. People may have misunderstood both Earth people and Cultivation World people. The environment of the Cultivation World was harsher than that of the Earth. Killing, stealing, scheming, and fighting had become the daily lifestyles of natively born people there. Therefore, I think their thought is more mature than Earth people whose activities are only sleeping, studying, playing and working. Especially MC, when he was on Earth, he was just a student and the second rich generation who relied on his parents' money to get through his life. The only advantage he brought from Earth to this cultivation world was the moral of his character. When he transmigrated to the Cultivation World, he spent six years of his life in the mortal world without touching anything related to the supernatural. The moment he entered the Cultivation World, he was cautious as he was trying his best to adapt to this cruel world and he pretty much lack common sense in this cultivation world. He maintains good relations with those around him, often acted dumb to lower other people's guard toward him, and he doesn't care about pride at all because he knows pride is of no use to weak people like him. But he is very decisive when he meets his enemies, killing or to be killed... 7. So far, there has been no romance, and I have no intention of making romance any time soon. Actually, I still have a lot to say, but... I'm too lazy to type. So, if you have any questions, please comment under the comment column. Btw, I gave this novel 5 stars because I personally think this novel a perfect novel for myself XD


This book is very much to my liking. The mc is tactful, patient, and less outstanding. The pace also just right, not too slow and not too fast. I hope the author can write this novel until the end.


No wonder it took the top quickly, This novel was superb! I will read it till the latest. Please release more chapters! It will become popular in the future if I will guess it. Could do few finishing touches on grammar but it was very impressive on my part. I am also not a native English speaker like you. Your reader here, love lots on your work ❤️ 😍 Congrats for an advanced winning!


Very good so far. i like how the mc is thinking things through and isnt doing things without thinking about the consequences. :) keep up the great work.👍👍👍😀


This book has a lot of potential, The MC isn't conceited, show-off, or generic progatonist. He's patient and carefree, which emphasizes the humor behind his naivety. Haven't encountered face slapping scenes or other cliche events yet. It's quiet fun and refreshing to read, the MC's nonsense are pretty humorous and also characters' confusion and helplessness toward MC.


Reveal spoiler


This novel is my cup of tea. I like harmless system and MC personality is just my ideal MC: smart, patient, less standout, childish somethimes but it's only an acting to deceived people. Over all 5 star from me


I just finish this one and it kind of above average but not so high.. Its about a guy with extracting cheat which could copy whatever the other guy have with the only limitation is the cultivation can't be 2 big realm higher than him.. Great cheat, I can see something good in here.. Good grammar and the spacing, the way he handle the conversation and stuff.. Good


Author I have been looking for authors like you where have you been all this time. My name is Daoist370160 I truly like your novel. You have an awesome sense of humor. But I would truly appreciate if you improved your English, which I know will take time. I have made quite a few comments in a few chapters and every single one of them are edits on how the sentence could be better and sound better to read. I forgot which chapters I made the edits on but I there are quite a few edits that I commented next to each line which I wish you would edit. I am really happy with the novel and would like to wish you luck with the novel and your future writing career. I wish this novel would reach more than 2000 chapter and be among great novels like mortal journey to immortality, renegade immortal and the lord of mysteries. Good luck again


Excellent book so far. full of potential and most probably it will become way more popular with more chapters to follow. #~~~~~~~~\\~~~~~~~\\~~~~~~~~#


Author is obviously not a native English speaker (typical of originals). Author should work on his tenses and his use of plurals. He tends to have past tense/ present tense/ future tense mixed into the same sentences 90% of the time. As a native english speaker, it isn’t hard to know what tense to use so it bothers me immensely and really disrupts the reading experience. His use of plurals can also be pretty disruptive to the story flow, a minor issue that’s fixable. The world building and story flow... well, I can only say they are horrendous. The story obviously takes after Sign - in Buddha Palm, which is a newer use of systems. However, unlike Sign - in Buddha Palm, This novel’s extraction system is extremely overpowered. Which is fine, but I can only say that how slowly the MC progresses is unrealistic. The author has tried to nerf it with a ‘two major realms’ nerf, but it still shouldn’t hinder him. In the second chapter, MC uses a single extraction on the Deacon for 1000 Qi Strands; Yet, the next chapter is a 2 year time - skip that has MC end up with 26000 Qi Strands. One extraction, 1000. 2 years, 26000. He has UNLIMITED extractions. No cap. Unlike Sign - in Buddha Palm which has a cap of one sign - in a day, this MC can use it infinitely. Yet, despite using one extraction on this Deacon and getting 1000 Qi strands, 2 years later he only has 26000. This is simply unrealistic unless the MC hibernated for 95% of the time. There is zero explanation that works for this phenomenon unless the MC was imprisoned for two years. MC doesn’t cultivate, he uses his system. I cannot fathom that for two years he didn’t wander his permissioned area and find a few stronger disciples and elders. If a NOVICE DISCIPLE Deacon can give 1000 from one extraction, then 26000 is simply a massive blunder. Before the time - skip the author glossed over the ‘Outer Disciple’ competition. I can only assume the MC went to watch. (If he didn’t, yikes). I cannot realistically believe that at an Outer Disciple competition, someone that has more Qi Strands than a Novice Disciple Deacon has. At least a few Elders’ would have been present. Even IF there weren’t, the amount of people at the competition would be staggering. In fact, 100,000 Qi strands from that SINGLE competition wouldn’t suprise me. Anyway, moving on to my next point. The author forgets a lot of plot points, and either explains the plot holes 5 chapters down the line, or explains them in the comments. The orphanage shouldn’t even exist as a backstory with how quickly it was forgotten. As an Author, you have to proof read your chapters in the mind of a reader. You are completely forgetting basic plot points that ruin your story. Around chapter three people were asking why he can’t plunder talent - you explained it in comments, yet the story never mentions it. 90% of your readers will ignore comments, fix your plot holes in the story, not your reviews. Onto some good points. I like the MC’s personality. He is trouble avoiding in a good way. I loved the interaction he had with Yang Kai, it was pretty funny, and honestly smart from the MC. Alright, 3K word review is enough. Enjoy your writing, your story needs revision and editting and if you want to compete with stories like Cultivation Online, and the other top originals. Check out some past tense, present tense, and future tense guides and you should improve on that front with little to no effort. As far as how OP the system is... I don’t know what to say there, it is pretty set in stone. Feigning ignorance at this point is kinda the only way, you wouldn’t be the first System novel writer to feign ignorance to OBVIOUSLY broken loopholes in there cheats.


Hmm, reading this first chapter, I can see the potential of this novel. The author has a decent way of portraying the story and the worst thing to say about this novel should be the cover. Something more exciting or more eye-catching will retain more reader's to click and try this novel out.


I hate writing a review, but this novel is just compelling me to do so. Anyway, this is the very lighthearted eastern fantasy novel I have ever read and very refreshing after reading a lot of eastern fantasy, in which every chapter is about fighting, fighting, and fighting. I love how the story progressed. Instead of narrating about fighting enemies, rivals, young master, etc., the author chose to make the story more interesting, and he seems trying hard to avoid any cliche events that often happened in most eastern fantasy novels. Anyway, this is an outstanding novel, at least for me.




Please dont drop the book, it is a really good book and i would hate for it to be dropped. The mc is not dumb like many other mc which i really like. Once again, please dont drop the book and i hope everyone reading this has a good time reading the book!


from reading the synopsis it almost same like sign in buddha's palm. did ya get the idea from that novel? not that i mind if you manipulate the idea from the novel. take example warlock of the magus world, it a amazing novel base on idea of wizard world by get lost. I just hope that you can do what author like The Plagiarist do.


If you're not reading this book then I'm sorry for you because you're missing one of the greatest novel's that this App has ever seen. And if you're reading this book then continue you're in the right path of reaching immortality. P.S: Support the author if you can please unfortunately I can't 🥲


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