Chapter 174: Descending from the Heavens, Carrying Out Heaven's Will - Part 1

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The intelligence of the Eternal Life Pavilion was indeed meticulous; beyond the information on the cultivators of the Xuan Dynasty, the scroll also contained the general direction of where the Xuan Dynasty lay within the Emperor Sea.

The Emperor Sea was vast, in no way inferior to the Southern Celestial Sea.

Fang Wang used the White Rainbow Evasion Technique, speeding all the way, while Xiao Zi lay on his shoulder and Zhao Zhen held the scroll, guiding them.

A man, a demon, and a ghost raced across the vast ocean, tearing through the clouds, startling many cultivators and monsters as they passed numerous islands.

The biggest difference between the Emperor Sea and the Southern Celestial Sea was that there were more cultivators here; nearly every island had been built up with cities or towns.