i am son of the red skull

Heinz woke up after his death in the body of a 7 year old, he was trapped in a laboratory, with new memories he learned he was the son of Johann Schmidt or known as the red skull (mcu) MC will only have a status screen and nothing else as a transmigration benefit, other powers will be gained through the experiments he will go through.

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4 years later, little blue girl

1950 year

4 years passed very quickly

Heinz now 15 years old, graduated from high school and will start college

1.83 tall, strong body, short black hair and blue eyes, although his appearance is not the height of beauty, it would still be an 8/10 grade easily.

His company DC Comics became a huge success, superman, batman, wonder woman, flash and many heroes became children's favorites

Heinz has over 1000 employees working, he bought 3 other book companies, just to produce his comics.

His training never stopped, he reached level 2

[space manipulation]: level 2 = experience 64/200

Heinz can now create other things besides blades with space, can create defensive barriers and, most importantly, teleport

His teleport is still short, only a distance of 100 meters, but he improves every month.

"master, let's go to the new house, all processes have been finalized, we can change" Adam

In the beginning all the money earned was injected into the company, in the last year Heinz left some money to buy a mansion and a car.

A beautiful purple 1950s Ford was on the street, Adam was driving it.

Heinz loves old car models

"Come on Adam, I want to live in our new house, it's close to college"

Heinz has the ability to enter the best colleges, but he decided to study astronomy in NY first, he chose to gain more knowledge about space and improve his power.

the beautiful 1950 Ford car went down the road to an upscale neighborhood

A very safe neighborhood, Heinz's new mansion was quite large, with 10 bedrooms, a huge backyard and swimming pool.

But the best part of the mansion was that the ground was safe for digging, Heinz could in the future create underground floors under the mansion.


At night Heinz did push-ups in the backyard

Whenever he finished his nightly spatial manipulation training, he would do 1000 push-ups, Heinz treats his new body with extreme affection

Heinz suddenly heard noises in the kitchen

Despite being a mansion, only Heinz and Adam live in it, maids work during the day but leave in the afternoon, Heinz keeps his power in absolute secrecy

Heinz went to the kitchen to check

In the kitchen Adam was drinking a huge glass of milk

"adam, you're back" Heinz

"yes....I, young master I'm back" Adam, he said strangely

"strange, you should be in a meeting with the company's managers"

Heinz keeps his identity hidden from the public so that no one knows he owns DC, of ​​course he doesn't try very hard to hide it, spy agencies would know if they wanted to investigate, so Heinz allows Adam to be the company CEO

"Yes, I finished the meeting early"

"so why are you drinking milk?"

"I'm thirsty"

"Adam, you are allergic to lactose"

Adam's face gets ugly

"stop hiding, show your real face" Heinz

Suddenly, Adam's huge body disappears, a little blue girl appears in the place

"as I thought, it's mystical" thought Heinz

The girl was scared, she must have been 9 or 10 years old at the most

"no need to be afraid, we are the same" Heinz

Heinz disappears from the scene and appears behind Mistica with his teleport, although he is not a mutant, Mistica doesn't need to know that.

"you........" raven

"my name is Heinz Schmidt, and who would you be"

"my name is....Raven"

"good name Raven, here eat this" Heinz

Heinz takes a tin of cookies

Raven takes the cookies with joy

Heinz watched the cute little girl eating while she thought

"MCU and now seems to have the mutant movies, the danger in this world has increased even more" Heinz

Heinz finally decided to let Raven stay at his house, she would have a bleak future following the bald guy from the wheelchair

Since then the mansion has 3 residents