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Read I'll show you a Villain novel written by the author M_Lexi2 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering action, reincarnation, modern, horror, evilprotagonist. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Daniel Slade is what you would call a successful serial killer. He lived until 90 having murdered hundreds and never being caught for it. When he died peacefully in his sleep next to his wife, Daniel expected to wake up burning in hell, but instead, he woke up reincarnated as a rich South Korean third-generation chaebol. This wasn't just any ordinary reincarnation, the world he had been reborn into was the world from a novel that one of his victims had written, and the Chaebol he had reincarnated as was a third-rate Villain used to encourage the hero of this story. Finding this new world, Daniel smiles to himself and thinks, "Let's show them a true Villain" Avg 6 Chapters a week. Updates on Sundays Only.

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So before I begin this review I want to say a few things. 1. This is my own opinion and feelings on this story as of right now (it may change later). 2. My score is relative to the material on this site (meaning a 5 on webnovel does not equal a 5 on a published book on Amazon). Review: It's been a genuinely long time since I've read an original story that has a well crafted setup with an evil protagonist. So when I found this I was naturally quite happy. Unlike most other originals on this site the author takes care to first introduce you to the MC (who in turn reveals the world to the reader). It's actually quite sad how many authors skip this seemingly insignificant step. With this introduction we begin to build a connection with the protagonist and begin to understand his motives, thoughts and feelings. With this understanding breeds acceptance (and excitement for some select individuals). This makes it much easier for the audience to enjoy and continue on reading even further. After understanding his motives and thoughts we begin to see the real magic of this story. How the protagonist reacts and deals with the people and circumstances around him. The author conveys this conflict magnificently. The audience anticipates on what will happen next knowing what we know. And then we enjoy the events that happen later as a result of this conflict. To be able to craft such a setup is a rarity not often seen on this site (which is unfortunate). The reason I will give you on why you should read this story is this (it's simple really). It's an evil protagonist story that will leave you wanting more. More conflict, more introspection, more murder, more deception, more manipulation, more depravity, more INSANITY. It's really unfortunate I'm not able to read a chapter every day to satisfy my wants. Oh well I'll find solace in the fact that the one who reads this review and tries this story out for themselves will eventually (if not sooner) turn out just like me... Overall it's good try it! Current Score: 4.6


I have just started reading this book and am loving it. I agree with the one comment stories like this are rare. I wish more people wrote books like this. It shows often the truth behind a person and how cruel people tend to be. It points out good points and have a great back story to the mc. I love it really goes into detail with out boring the reader to death. I also love how like the one comment said you can really see and understand the mc reasoning. I also love how u go into detail but also keep it interesting. Like I often finds good books that sometimes gives you too many boring details. Or often enough that they is irrelevant to the story at hand. Also thank you for writing this novel we need more novels like this. Hope you continue to write more chapters and books like this.


Gosh, It’s so difficult to find quality stories on this site and finding quality villain stories where the mc is actually psychotic is even more arduous. The mc in this story has been placed in a perfect place to allow him to continue being a villain and he’s even introduced to other ‘predators’. The plot is great and I’m actually really happy he kills just because he likes seeing people below him instead of a childhood trauma or something. Anyways, so far, the story is spectacular and I bet it will continue to be after the author recovers from their hiatus. Also, just wanna say that the gore is amazing and the author actually goes into what he’s doing instead of just being like “he cut off his head and felt amazing” or something of the like.


I was supposed to like this. I've been on the prowl for a good novel with an evil protagonist for quite a while, and this appeared to be exactly that. Any average joe that enjoys a morally corrupt protagonist would be delighted at a story like this, furthermore, it's set in the land of legendary Gangnam style, they should love this right? Well, here lies the problem; even though the protagonist is evil, he's fkin insufferable. My god the number of times I wanted to close this because of the paragraphs dedicated to his philosophical hogwash on someone or something - and might I add elementary level hogwash at that, it ain't even THAT deep or thought-provoking. If the author could focus more on the story than what our protagonist thinks if someone's a hypocrite, a supremacist, or another evildooer, it would delight me.


This novel is very different from the usual 'villain' type. Here I truly feel that the MC is irredeemable. The novel name is very apt to his character. The grammar is good, chapter length is decent. Good job author.[img=recommend]


2nd Review cause why not. This won't be as in-depth as the previous one. I only want to touch on one thing that I felt needed to be said. Author you set-up a nice story with an evil protagonist. Now follow through with it, show us his actions and how it affects others around him. Show us how his enemies and possible allies feel about him. Show us this world and how the protagonist navigates throughout the setting. And finally keep your promise and... Show Us A VILLAIN


GREAT STORY!!! This is one of the few novels on this site that I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed, not only does it have good storyline and world-building but where it truly shines is in it’s MC, who is absolutely ruthless and calculating, while still havind depth and being interesting, and great grammar and vocabulary.


I like villain stories, too bad they aren't popular on this site. I only know one other story with a villain protagonist as evil, and that's Gu Master (aka Reverend Insanity).


I like the novel good grammar, smooth developments, character is an absolute psycho but I'm dropping it because I think it's just too realistic in a sense but, overall good work to the author.


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This book Is a master piece. I recommend that you read it. In other novels, the “Evil MC” is most of the time not evil at all. This novel’s MC is pure evil and thats what i like about thid nobel.


You don’t understand how hard it is to find novels like these. When I read the description I had high hopes for it, Fortunately, it did meet my expectations thank you! Author if you receive hate because of the MC personality please ignore them I love him and you should never chamge him or the writing style. ☺️👏


While i'm at it i'll just pass by and give a review lololol. If anyone's looking for a SIGN here it is , READ THIIIIS. For y'all with a low bottomline lol , this story's protagonist will definitely suit your taste , because it suited mine!! Author-nim i'm a fan nooow wahahahahaha i'll wait for you updateesss


I’m already deprived of this and keep checking on if it started being written again. 😭 Author, take your time, but can you tell us the estimated time it’ll take for you to continue producing chapters? It’s making me die with anticipation


I have only one thing to say: Please upload more! I'm really enjoying how this story is progressing, unfortunately no new chapters in almost a month! 😫😫😫


Writing Quality: There aren't many spelling mistakes(If any)and that is quite rare on this site. There's not much else to say about this, so 5 stars. Stability Of Updates: I can't really gauge this as I read from the latest chapter, so 5 stars. Story Dev: Okay, while there aren't many plot holes and the writing is good, you should know what you're getting into. Child Abuse(It's implied that it will happen later in the story, the MC even said he's tortured a baby before), Cannibalisms, Mind Breaking(Not the sexy kind either), Torture, etc. If you can't stand this stuff, you won't like this story, the MC is truly, a villain. Oh, the setting and critical information is also described very well, so that's another plus. Oh yeah, the mc is and will be a literal wife-beater, which personally isn't my cup of tea. I don't mind all the other stuff, but this somehow bothers me. Due to my personal opinion, 4 stars. Character Dev: The MC is a complete and utter sociopath(There will be No Romance and No Friends, you've been warned). He's smart and resourceful unlike most stories on this site which is a plus, he also has a goal(Even if barebones)which is better than what most stories have. Oh, the author also created a good backstory and the MC's thought process is completely on display which shows us how insane he truly is. Since I don't like sociopath mc's that much, 4 stars, but it truly deserves 5. World Background: The author does a good job of describing things, 5 stars. Truthfully this deserves 5 Stars, but due to my bias I'll give it a 4.5


absolute unit of a story, it has basically no flaws and I repeat no flaws! writing quality - easily 5 stars one of the best I've seen on this site and even in general, its basically professional level stability of updates - it's not really that stable but I think this story deserves a full five stars story development - again one of the best I've seen on the website, the story is structured and written beautifully character design - again full five stars, the story so far gives us more and more about characters and I don't know about later characters but the current one is designed perfectly world background - the world seems full of things we don't know yet which gives you a thirst for more knowledge about it like the MC, the world itself is basically a normal world with a few tweaks here and there 5 stars ez pz no cap, read it I usually don't make such long reviews I encourage you to give it a try


I like this story very much i like evil protaginst i really dont like good because well i dont but this novel is great so far i love the mc and how cruel he is


owowu I just hope my parents don't ever find this jshj absolutely love it! main character is a real villain and v twisted, unlike the other 'villain' mcs that go by the do me good I'll repay etc etc this one is very thrilling! also love how the story is written, the descriptions are very filling and plot is new to me, bc I usually read more fantasy. personally I love the mcs twistedness, cannibalism I'm not a fan of bc I usually see it being dirty and messy but mc makes it look 'clean' and elegant in a way uwuwu only downside is that theres been no updates this past month qwq and the names I cant really remember all too well except mcs and his grandfathers uu


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