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What is HUNTED

HUNTED is a popular web novel written by the author Kelly_Starrz, covering WEREWOLF, FANTASY, VAMPIRE, ALPHA, ACTION, ROMANCE, SHIFTER, HUNTER, POSSESSIVE, , Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 904.7K readers with an average rating of 4.98/5 and 34 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 170 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


One late-night run changed Aila’s life forever after getting caught up in a battle between werewolves and hunters. She is suddenly kidnapped by said hunters and finds out secrets about her past and her future as she embarks on a journey to find out who or what she truly is. Issues arise one after the other when she finally escapes the hunters grasp, only to be taken in by the ferocious Alpha of the Silver Crescent Pack. Unlike most who fear him, Aila challenges his authority every step of the way as she learns more about herself and the dominant, possessive Alpha who tries to claim her. Will heads collide in a battle of will, or can they work together and help keep the hidden world of creatures safe from the hunters? Join Aila on her journey of rediscovery, love, laugh and cry along with her on this action-packed, steamy romance novel. ----- Gold Tier Winner in #161 Writing Prompt Contest - Shapeshifters. ------ *** SNEAK PEAK *** [ MATURE CONTENT ] "Eyes up here, Aila." He snapped; his harsh voice made her look into his eyes, and she was immediately trapped under his stone-cold gaze. She couldn't move her eyes away from his as he stepped closer to her, his movements slow as though he was ready to pounce on her, his prey. Without thinking, she stood up from her position, prepared to bolt, but he grabbed her and pinned her hands against the bed. He moved his knee forwards, parting her legs that resisted only for a second before allowing his knee entry. He pushed it slowly into the spot between her thighs, making her gasp from the sudden contact. "Do you like disobeying me, Aila?" He growled; Aila was confused for a moment until she remembered how easily she defied his commands. Was he really still angry from earlier? But when she searched his face for an answer, she soon found it. He was definitely mad from earlier. "To be quite honest, I do. It puts you in your place," Aila smirked when she met his blazing eyes. He brought his face down closer to hers, the pressure from his knee in between her legs increased, making her bite her bottom lip. "Wrong answer," He growled before biting her lip apart from her teeth. ----- *DISCLAIMER* MATURE CONTENT: Graphic Violence Strong Language Sexual Content Abuse -- If you are enjoying the story, please vote with a power stone, leave comments and a review! -- Cover Image: Commissioned by @if._art

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WHOA! .... Haven't been able to let this book go. IT"S VERY GOOD! The plot, the characters, the grammar, and the way the author guides you through the story ..so far, so great! This is the first Warewolf book on Webnovel that has impressed me so far :D Best of luck author. I honestly do hope this book reaches the Top Charts. Quite certain it will soon. Awesome job! Keep it up!


This book is truly incredible!! It's an emotional rollercoaster since the beggining, you literally can't put the book down and keeps you wanting for more chapters everytime you read one. Writing, spelling, grammer, plot, characters, it has it all, and very well rounded. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this book!!


Hunted is an amazing well-written book! It draws you in with characters who are relatable, endearing, & funny. All this in the world of Werewolves & Supernatural, yet it feels perfectly normal, that’s how good this story is. The pacing is good & several times, I’ve been on the edge of my seat, very much in suspense as I’m quickly reading to find out what happens! This book has everything-suspense, romance (really good romance!), action, drama, & mystery without dragging any of those out or banging you on the head either. There are no cons to reading this book! It is excellent!


Decided to wait a little before I reviewed as I wanted to see how you would build on those gripping opening chapters... I can say that I am impressed! You haven’t just matched the bar you set when the book was released but have raised the standard. Keep up the good work on what is a positive reading experience from throughout 🐺🐺🐺


Hooked already and excited to see how the story continues to develop as more chapters are added! 😃 probably best for my heart rate to have them released in stages to give me time to digest everything that is going on!! Fast paced and engaging from the start... 🙌🏼


5 stars, all around. Since it's still a new one, I'll be adding by honest thoughts on how this fic would go, as well as an overview of how I rated it... Writing Quality: 5 - Little to no Grammar Mistakes, great storytelling, making good use of show, not tell, just please, don't make huge great walls of text, it hurts me eyes... Stability of Updates: 5 - Do I really need to say it? Story Development: 5 - Not fast, not slow, perfect pacing, and throws you in instantly, no questions asked. Not much information given, and readers can learn alongside MC! Great plus! Character Design: 5 - MC is a normal, relatable girl who was thrown into a f*cked up world she has no idea. Her reactions are a perfect suit for her, sometimes using dark humour as a way to cope (good eye for detail author). Supporting cast not yet detailed enough, but I hage antagonist already, so good job on that. World Background: 5 - Not enough info, need more chapters... Well there we go, anyway, I'll be stating my honest opinon. This fic as a lot of potential, clues are in place, MC is in a spot where she needs to act, and the supporting cast are with MC, whether they be evil or good, remains to be seen. Anyway, I'll be waiting for more, and I'll probably leave another review when it gets updated more...


Giving 5 stars already, I can already tell this is going to be good! First chapter got my heart beating just as quick as the characters! Love Aila already with her commentary 😂


What have I read girl...I need more chaps...Have mercy on readers... keep updating daily author. Btw I liked the plot. Your description is right on the spot...If I have not given away my power stones I would vote for ur book. Anyways best of Luck writer ...Fighting!!


Just giving myself a little pat on the back. I only just released my first book a week ago and decided to throw myself into this one 😂 But I hope you all enjoy this, leave comments, let me know on your thoughts / feedback. I will be updating as much as possible. Take Care XOXO


If you are wondering whether to read this book... Dont wonder and start reading!!! The first chapter will have you reading more immediately! This novel has action and romance in it! It is definitely for mature audiences though so if you can't handle violence, swear words and some HOOOOOOOT sexy scenes then you shouldn't read. But you would be missing out!! I can't wait to see how this develops further!!


Great read, Would love to see more! the story really captured my attention with a great start to this novel. im looking forward to reading more from you.


what can I say about this book. Dayummmm gripping and suspenseful from the start. Action with some funny comments from the main character. Writing quality is great. And world background is slowly unfolding. obvs only 7 chapters out at the moment but am glad I found this book!


The synopsis pulled me in then on the first chapter my nose was nerly to the phone 😂 Aila comes off as that normal girl you would be friends with. A few mysteries and cliffhangers and I'm now stuck with reading this book until it finishes!


Loved reading this! Need more chapters! Need to read them escaping, the hunters getting what they deserve.. I need it all now! 😂 But seriously this is a very good novel and I didn't put it down once, I just had to know what happens even after seeing there were only four chapters. This is a must read, I can't believe you are a new author, the writing quality is up there. Will wait patiently for the next chapter. Thank you author!


I would put a powerstone but it says you need 15k words first. So 5 star review instead 😉 Loving the story so far, chapter one had me hooked, chapter two still had me hooked! It keeps you wanting to read more. The story is different to others I have read so far, werewolf wise. Looking forward to the others.


The story is quick from the start and throws the reader into the action. The protagonist has a fun personality and is one of the strengths of the story. It contains few grammar mistakes. This story has great potential and I look forward to future chapters.


READ THIS!!!! This is by far the best werwolf book and I am not exaggerating here <3 Thank you dear author for creating such a well written/designed novel. Everyday at least one chapter, the English is on point and nice character development (even for some of the sub chars). The only thing I might miss a bit is world background; like are there other creatures than vampires, werwolves and shapeshifter? Maybe some fairies, unicorns, trolls, kelpies, mermaids, ... I dont know; some other mythicle creatures.


Reveal spoiler


The book cover is nice, it attracted me to read this book. Glanced through the book, so far, the story is interesting. The book is well written! I will follow up :)


Well written, and the characters are well formed. usually I skim over at least ten chapters of werewolf-vampire stories as authors tend to blab on about nothing in that many chapters. Thankfully, here the story begins really fast, and moves along just as fast. Best part is world building is done intuitively, and with out much fuss. the characters are believable, fit just right.. usually I will have a great deal of this and that kind of complaints about names, but this story got them just right. A job well done ; Keep it up. Yes, I used semi colon in punctuation just because I wanted to do so.. however, my quirks aside, The story is great. I will keep reading, hope you will too.


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