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Transmigrated as Harry in HP /DxD world. What if Harry didn't grow up with Durslies? What if he was taken in and was allowed to grow to his full potential? OP Harry. Smart Harry. Mad Scientist. Doesn't Give a Shit. (Lots of HP Bashing. MC doesn't care much about DxD ) I will also posting this story on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub and Fanfiction

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Potters Pots

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Word Count 2250

So we didn't reach the 150 Stones goal. But do not fear, do not lose hope. Because I hope that tomorrow we will reach 250 Stones for the double chap. xD



I will use runes on the inside of pots. To help speed up their growth. There are spells that do that but, the person using them must carefully monitor the plants and use them at the exact moment or the plant will die.

I will set up some runes inside the pot. It will be 3 Dimensional Runes. Not 2 Dimensional like traditional rune carving. I will carve one side on two separate pieces of ceramic. Then fuse the pieces together with Transmutation. Leaving them permanently stuck.

The runes will have to be perfectly aligned for this to work. But the Pot alone won't be enough. I need fertilizer. The best the magical world has got is Dragon Fertilizer. Basically Dragon poop.

I need to start making my own. I burn through a lot of plants in my experiments. I can use the useless parts and start composing.

Ouuu. I can also use Eastern Alchemy. I have been messing around with that. It's very similar to Potion Making. In Potions, you just dump everything together in a liquid.

In Pill Making you take a magical herb and you slowly burn off everything, just leaving the plant's essence in liquid form. Sometimes it can be a powder as well. Then you mix those liquid essences and powders to form a pill

I can just take fast-growing magical grass and use Eastern Alchemy to extract the good stuff. That should serve as a good fertilizer when combined with other factors.

But first the pots. They will be the main focus. If it works out I can even sell them.

Of course, I will sell flawed Pots that only last a year or so. And if they try to look at the rune scheme in any way, the self-destruct runes in the pot will activate. Destroying the important parts.

Scanning and Sonar Technology will also disable the runes. Making them crack and be useless.

Fuck Yeah.

I'm so fucking smart. Let's call it something cliche. Clishes make people buy more stuff.

Potters Pots.

Yeah, wizards are stupid and simple creatures.

These Pots will help out in many ways.

First of all, I can grow my Herbs that I use for my experiments and poison-making. Increasing my influence in the Black Market.

These Flawed Pots will increase my fame in the Magical World. If I am lucky I will even hit the Supernatural World.

Doesn't matter who it is. Every faction needs its own herbs for healing or other endeavors. Thus increasing my reputation with them. Making it easier to make trades in the future.

I'm filthy rich, I just need the right connections so I can buy the good stuff. Then trade the good stuff to get the really rare and precious items.

I fucking love my brain. And just in time when I needed a break from my Boat Project. Stupid Ward Scheme. It's been a freaking year. And even longer since I use Occlumency, Mind Enhancing Spells, Wit Sharpening Potions, Parallel Thoughts and Accelerated Thought Process from my rituals.

And I still can't figure it out

I had to take a lot of breaks so my brain doesn't overheat. To be fair I am changing a lot of parts of the Ward Scheme, but it needs to be done. The sooner I make it a reality the sooner I can relax and not have to worry about someone Brute Forcing the Scrying Wards and teleporting straight to my current home.

But that's for later. For now I must focus on POTS!

I shall rule this world with POTS! And Grow Enhanced Marihuana. Making everybody PotHeads!


"Melinda! Harry is doing an Evil Laugh again!" Hope yelled out

Melinda lets out a loud sigh. "Ignore the maniac. Lets you and me go out shopping. I need to buy a few materials for my next job"

"Okay" Hope happily nodded and both of them left Harry all alone. Harry never realized they were even there, let alone them leaving.

~ One Month Later.

Harry was in his workshop talking out loud and a Dicta-Quill was writing down everything he was saying.

" Currently testing Pot #264. Trying out a new configuration of Elder Futhark (Norse Runes) and Ogham. The Celtic Tree Alphabet

I focused on Growth. I can add the Secrecy stuff later on. I wish I had Elf or Fairy runes. They are much closer to plants but that won't be happening any time soon. Activating the pot."

Inside the pot was the compost that I made from useless parts of magical plants and used a Rotting Curse on to speed it up. The plant in the pot was Dittany. A powerful healing herb and restorative and may be eaten raw to cure shallow wounds.

There was a slight glow at the rim of the pot. I made it so its easier to identify when the pot is activated.

I put in an already-sprouted plant. I could feel the magic going into the plant.

The little sprout twitched. Then slowly started to grow. It was like watching a slow motion but it was working. It even started to form tiny leaves.


Fuck Yeah!!!

"The Dittany plant is slowly growing. No signs of side effects yet. The plant grew an inch before it stopped right as calculated. The soil looks dried up, meaning the plant took all the water and nutrients in it. More water and Plant essence are needed. It seems that essence of Flux Grass is working quite well as fertilizer."

Flux Grass is a magical plant that grows everywhere. There are really no uses for it because it contains very little magic. The purebloods use Flux Grass as their lawn, because of its pretty bluish-green color. It's very cheap and easily acquired. Hell, I can get if for free, since the house elves just throw out the Flux Grass after cutting it. It also grows pretty fast.

"Today was the first successful prototype. I'm going to go sleep now. It's been a week since the last time I slept. *THUD*"

~ After a 3-day coma

"Well done Harry. This will revolutionize Herbology forever. There are spells for this, but even they don't get results like this." Melinda looked at the Clay Pot. She was very impressed with what Harry had created

"I know right. These things should open some doors for me, especially in the black market. It's a pity that I have to wait until we are exposed before I begin to officially sell them under my name" Harry shakes his head

Hope nods agreeing with him "It's just a little while longer. You are still young and vulnerable. Even as strong as you are, it's not smart to give yourself away"

Harry scoffed and slammed his hand on the table "Blast those goblins. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to be of majority to take away my gold things would be a lot more simpler. I wouldn't have to hide from Dumbles and his creepy Order.

I'd just take away all my gold and family artifacts. Along with the Buildings that I own. And move here to America or some other country, I really need to get that ship done and fast."

Melinda looks at Harry, seeming thinking about something before she reaches a decision "Perhaps not. I found a way to get your gold when you turn 11"

Harry and Hope turn to Melinda with wide eyes ""Really!?""

Melinda nodded "But it comes with certain conditions... I got this information as I was looking into people who knew your grandfather. Your father's friends have shown to be untrustworthy as we already know.

One of your grandfathers' friends has a copy of the Potter Charter. He apparently left many copies to his friends. It's just a small book really. Should anything happen to the family and the heir is left without the education he needs. The Charter will help him out a bit. What to say, how to not piss off people. The proper walk and things like that.

But there was a certain part that caught my eye. The Genesis Charter"

Harry just raises an eyebrow "Such a grandiose name, though what else do I expect from wizards."

Melinda ignored him "The Genesis Charter basically stipulates that if The Potter Family is left with only one member. Then that person can gain his Lordship at the age of 11, thus emancipating himself. But he will also have to take three wives/concubines/mistresses and have two children with each of them. "

Hope's jaw dropped while Harry just put his hand on his chin and started to think.

After a few moments, he looked up with a smile "Those clever bastards. I take back what I said about the Potter family. This charter guarantees the survival of the house." Three separate lines. Three is also a powerful magical number. The Trinity. Many rituals are made in 3 parts for a better effect

"Even if I am killed and my children forced into hiding the Potter House can be revived by one of my dependents later on. They had plans for this. It will be difficult to kill all 6 children, at least one will escape and hide, and as long as he is alive, no one can get their hands on the Potter Legacy."

Hope put her hand on Harry's. Melinda did the same "Harry are you alright with this?"

"Huh?" Harry looks up and sees Melinda and Hope giving him a worried look.

"Oh. Pfff. I'm fine. Ironically this was my plan from the start" Harry shrugged his shoulders


Melina and Hope were just confused

"You really think I will take care of all the Businesses I make? Hell no, I hate doing that, politics as well. I'm just gonna have lots of kids and dump it all on them. The unlucky one will be the one that has to play politics with idiots. I pity my future kid. But obviously, I won't make one woman give birth to that many kids. So I had planned to have 3 from the start, this is rather convenient"

Hope looked kinda sad while Melinda just facepalmed "Just why.." she rubbed her temples

"So I can have more time for my experiments and to study magic. Who am I going to trust if not my kids.. Duh" Harry said like it was the most obvious thing to do

"But this changes things. I can speed up my plans much faster this way. New plan I will start selling the Pots when I turn 11. And we spread the news that Harry Potter is studying at Salem.

This will definitely hit the news. Dumbles will panic and head off to America. We use this opportunity to sneak into England and get my Lordship and all of my gold and artifacts.

Ideally I want to rescue Sirius Black and take the Lordship from him. The Black Library is said to have the most Dark Magic Books in all of Europe. I want it, I want all of it" Harry said with greed in his eyes

"And what about the fallout? Britain won't stand still, especially if their Hero is studying in a different country. Its an embarrassment to them" Melinda said while Hope snorted "Their education and whole social system is an embarrassment. I read their books, the level is pathetically low"

Harry smiled "They can't do shit to me, I am now an American Citizen, a very famous, rich and powerful one. They are more than willing to fight for me, especially after I start selling these Pots here first. They will boost the herb economy. And as a result the Potion one as well. 

With their support, I can rip off Britain if they try and make me come back. I was planning on going to Hogwarts eventually but I had hoped it would be when I am 16 or 17. There is something very important I have to get my hands on"

Hope tilted her head "But you hate Britain and Hogwarts. What could be so important that you would be willing to go there?"

Harry grinned like a maniac "There is a 1000-year-old Basilisk under the school. I will kill it and use its body for my experiments. Hopefully I will find some Parseltounge books from Salazar Slytherin, but I doubt, I will find some. 

The second thing is Rowena Ravenclaw's Legacy. The Room of Requirement. A room that can only be described as a Reaserchers wet dream. Anything you want the room can create. Want a specific book from the library or a specific potion? The room will get all the books related to that subject. Want a potion lab, you got it, a dueling room, with 100 training dummies. It will appear in seconds. 

And one last thing. Rowena's secret library. It's widely known that she hoarded knowledge. But her private Library still remains a secret. The knowledge of the Founders. I want it. And what I want. I get"

Melinda and Hope looked at each other ignoring the Mad Man who was having his Evil Moment. 

"Tea or Wine" Hope asked Melinda who was looking tired

"Wine my dear, and get the good stuff. I'm stupid for even worrying about him. The world could start falling apart and he would scoff at it before returning back to his experiments"

Hope nodded completely agreeing with her. Harry is one of a kind. Powerful, Insane and most likely a Pyromaniac. But he is still her Master and the boy she loves. 

~ A/N

Harry doesn't care about the wives. This won't be some typical gather-them-all harem. I'm thinking more along the lines of Big Mom but the kids actually love and idolize Harry. 

Obviously, Hope will be one of the harem members.

He will care a lot about his kids and raise them right, they will get the best education and will all be working together to make their Family Stronger, Richer and More Powerful. 

They will take over some businesses from him, and politics as well. Leaving him more time to do experiments.

I told you he was a mad scientist. This chapter has been inside my head for a while but I didn't know how to write it. I was doing some research on Fanfic with Runes. Needed some words and the Rune Languages. I forgot what Fic it was located in. So I speed read and skipped chapters in like 13 different fics xD

And I still haven't found what I am looking for

Makes durable versions of Pots for himself and he will sell the ones that only last 1 year on the market. The runes will be inside the Pots. And if anyone tries to look inside it, it will automatically break. Some tries to use a spell on it, it will break. Someone tries to scan it with technology, it will break.