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Transmigrated as Harry in HP /DxD world. What if Harry didn't grow up with Durslies? What if he was taken in and was allowed to grow to his full potential? OP Harry. Smart Harry. Mad Scientist. Doesn't Give a Shit. (Lots of HP Bashing. MC doesn't care much about DxD ) I will also posting this story on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub and Fanfiction

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A Gift

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Word Count 2600

We still didn't reach the goal but since we were close I messed up I'm gonna post anyway. Some of you have told me there is no Harem tag. Which I was surprised because I distinctly remember putting it in and others as well. But I checked and alas it wasn't there. I probably forgot to save the tag changes that I made. So My bad...

But don't worry too much. I'm not a fan of Gather them all Harems. Or Oh he is handsome so i fell in love. OR i hate him, and then love him. I think you guys will enjoy what I plan to do. Especially when he flat out rejects a few just because he finds them annoying/troublesome. MC is a cold, cruel bastard. With a heart... a small one. So keep that in mind. xD


Two Months Later ( Harry 9)

Salem Potion Class

"Well everyone that's all for today, oh and Mr. Peverell could you please stay behind"

Harry nods at the man and waits for the classroom to clear

"Mr. Peverell it appears that your extraordinary skills have gained the attention of Grandmaster Vincent Griffith" the man said with obvious envy

Harry raised an eyebrow "Grandmaster Griffith. The Number 1 Potioneer in America?"

The potion teacher sighed "That's the one. I don't think I have to tell you what an honor this is. He is a special guest in this school and often comes to give. He will be waiting for you in meeting room 5, after your classes for today end"

Harry just nodded and thanked the professor

~ The meeting

Harry entered the meeting room. It was small but very well decorated. The wall was painted blue, and it had a lot of small plants.

It was obviously designed so that 2 or 3 people could sit down and have a comfortable chat.

In the main chair sat a very old man, probably the same age as Dumbledore if not older

But unlike the old goat, he was very well-dressed and groomed.

He was wearing a beige 3 piece suit. While he was bald, his beard and mustache were very well groomed.

He looked like a calm and collected individual. But his eyes betrayed his true self. He was giddy and excited.

" Ahh, Young Mr. Peverell. I have heard great things about you. The protege that stands at the top in the school only for the elite. They tell me your talent is so great that its scaring the teachers."

Harry just raised an eyebrow at that comment. He hadn't heard anything like that. Then again he doesn't spend any time with these people and just prefers to get lost in his research.

"And I see what they mean. Only 9 years old yet standing far beyond your peers. Asking the professors beyond EAGLE's or HARE's questions. But I am especially intrigued by your potion's talent. Tell me do you have any of your potions on you"

(E.A.G.L.E.s-Excruciatingly Aggravating Graduate Level Exam H.A.R.E.s- Horrifically Advanced Required Examinations)

Harry nodded and took out something from his inside pocket, it was a leather pocket/ pouch.

Grandmaster Griffith was surprised, who puts a pocket in a pocket?.

But he didn't know that Harry's cloak is heavily enchanted. Adding an expansion charm on the pockets would ruin the balance.

So Harry found a way around that problem

Harry started to pull out one potion after another. All are sealed in crystal vails and labeled. The more he pulled out the bigger the surprise on the Grandmaster's face.

With his experience, he could easily judge the potions' quality based on their color and shade.

'My God. They are perfect. All 50 potions are perfect. Forget EAGLE's. This kid could take the Potion HARE's and pass right now. And he is only 9.'

"Mr. Peverell, why are you hiding your talent? You could pass your Potion HARE's right now"

Harry shook his head " I'm not hiding anything. I only move up a year after I have completely mastered all the theories and spells to their utmost limit. Only then do I move on. So that my foundation remains perfect in all fields"

" But isn't it better to focus on the subjects you are good at? For example potions, with your talent you could go quite far"

Harry didn't show any reaction to being praised, he simply continued

"Potions is one of the fields where it's easy to improve if you have a lot of money. You can make as many mistakes as you want until you get it right.

I make potions to use my time more efficiently. While I'm researching another subject I'm making a potion at the same time.

Potions is a simple subject to begin with, you follow laid-out instructions and you get a potion as a result, just like cooking.

But brewing advanced potions and potion creation is an entirely different matter. As you very well know, the advanced potions have no process that is set in stone, the ingredients and the number of stirs, even the order of ingredients change every time. The only thing that doesn't change is the few main ingredients that make up the base of the potion."

The Grandmaster glanced looked at the last 5 potions " And yet I'm looking at 5 advanced potions that are borderline Master level"

' This kid, with my help he could gain a Mastery in Potions in 4-no.. in 3 years. He would become the youngest Potion Master In history, Even the oldest one was 16 years old, and he was from a rich family and only focused on potions alone his entire life.'

"Hadrian, how would you like to become my apprentice? I am willing to teach you everything I know about The Art of Potion Making"

Harry closed his eyes and thought for a bit

' While this man can teach me a lot about potions. It's not worth accepting another teacher, especially since apprentices are required to take oaths. I'll try and con him.

" It is a very generous offer, but I'm afraid I must refuse"

The Grandmaster frowned, he was somewhat upset and a bit offended. He was the greatest Potioneer in America and Top 5 in the whole Wizarding World. Hundreds of people beg to be his students yet this body had the gall to refuse.

"Why" he asked Harry in a somewhat cold voice

" I have many enemies, I need strength to protect myself and my family. You are the best Potioneer in America but you yourself are not powerful."

The Grandmaster nods" Yes but you can always hire people to protect you"

Harry shook his head " I don't trust anyone to do that even with an oath. Plus If I were to become your apprentice I would have to focus on potions alone and I can't do that.

But you can help me... I want to learn ALL Magic.

I want to reach the top, the very peak of this world. Beyond even Merlin.

And who said a Potioneer can not stand at the peak." Harry grinned at the man

Griffith had a thoughtful expression on his face. He might not get an apprentice but if he helps the boy out, give some advice every now and then, and he might really do it.

A Potioneer might become the next Merlin. Then he can brag about it to everyone who talked shit to him, that Potion Masters were fraud wizards who only knew how to cook with magic.

" Mr. Peverell, I believe that we can come to an agreement. But for now, I'd like for you to show me your skills in person. It just so happens that I have booked a private potion room." Griffith says with a small smile

Harry just smirked" How convenient, well let's get this show on the road shall we?"


" Attempt Number 'Please Work Already, I Have Other Shit To Do'"


The runes on a human-sized ship model started to glow. They connected one by one and the Ward Scheme was fully activated.

Once it did the glow died down and the ship model was back to normal again

Harry stood there with disbelief on his face

"It worked... i did it... I DID IT! HELL YEAHHH!!!

And it only took me like a year and a half and countless sleepless nights. And a large part of whatever sanity I had left.

Now the only thing I need to do is copy the ward scheme onto the real ship.

But first, another 3-day coma is in order.

~ One Week Later

Melinda called Harry and Hope. All 3 of them were in the living room

"This is pretty rare, you calling us like this. What's the occasion?" asked Harry with intrigue in his eyes

Hope just poured tea for everyone and sat down quietly. But you could see her fidget a little, clearly, she was interested as well

Melinda looked at Harry with a serious expression.

" This is about my most prized possession. At first, I had planned to give you when you turn 20. I had hoped you would be able to protect yourself from any who would try and take it from you."

Harry and Hope said nothing and kept listening to Melinda

"But then you started showing overwhelming potential as a toddler So I dropped that number down to 16.

But you surprised me again. Here you are at the age of 9, you have shown me Mid-Class attacks that you have created yourself. By the time you are in your teens, You will be more than ready, so it's okay to give it to you now, so you can start making plans"

Harry couldn't take it anymore " Give me what?"

Melinda smiled and pulled out a ring that was hidden under her clothes. You couldn't even see the extremely thin string, that was holding it around her neck.

" Hmm a storage ring? How did you get your hands on those? The Chinese are keeping them all for themselves and anyone caught selling one to an outsider will be killed along with his whole family" Asked Harry with obvious greed as he looked at the ring

" Man what I wouldn't do to get the blueprint for those"

Melinda smiled at the little boy " This Harry is the reason why my house is always under Anti-Scrying Wards. Long before I met you."

Melinda pushed a bit of magic into the ring

* Wshhh*

From the ring appeared a tall cylindrical wrapped in a white cloth.

Its small aura sent shivers down Harry's and Hope's spine

Harry barely stopped himself from flicking out his wand from the wand holster.

"What the hell.. is that?" he asked slowly, his eyes never leaving the wrapped object

Melinda just pulled on a specific row and the entire thing unwrapped itself in seconds

" A small twig from the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Perfect material for making a Magic Staff" Melinda answered calmly

Her words caused both of them to turn to her

"How the hell did you get your hands on it?" Harry asked in disbelief

Melinda just chuckled at his reaction "It was luck. Bad Luck. Since I'm 105 this year. This happened more than 80 years ago. In my early twenties. As you know I am a squib, I can not use wizarding magic. So I turned to magecraft. Since I was alone, I struggled to get any material. The years went by, and I was still only a beginner, I had found some books and learned from them.

But then I got the news that an Auction was going to be held by some of my associates. They were selling old mage craft books. Mostly magicians who were low on money. So naturally I went to see if I can get something to increase my skills."

Melinda took a sip from her tea and continued

"That decision came at a cost. Some young master apparently took a liking to me. He ambushed me after the auction and sealed my magic. He dragged me off to some apartment and ripped off my clothes. I was terrified, my magic sealed and a madman was about to rape me. But I stayed calm. The moment he put his disgusting tiny dick in me, I clenched my muscles down there. While he was high on pleasure I reached for my Hair Pin Knife and slashed his throat. I kept stabbing him until I made sure he was dead, must have stabbed him two dozen times.

Since my clothes were torn apart. I took some of his and everything he had of value. It was later that I learned how to operate the Storage Ring and saw the treasures inside. "

Hope rushed from her seat and engulfed Melinda in a tight hug. The old woman smiled and patted Hope's head. "It's all right child, I made my peace with it. And I got all of his valuables. Those books helped me become the enchantress I am today. As for the Twig? Best guess. He was some sort of middleman between two very powerful people. most likely they used the auction as a cover to exchange the Twig for something else"

Harry stood up and to her surprise hugged Melinda

" Thank you, Melinda. I really do appreciate all that you have done for me. And now this? You have just sped up my plans by about half a dozen years. I will return everything you have given me, twofold. I just need you to wait a bit longer"

Melinda let out a few tears as she hugged Harry and Hope "Don't worry child. I'm not about to croak just yet. But I am curious if I didn't give the Twig. What were you going to make your Staff from"

Harry went back to his seat

"My first plan was to get Elder Wand and use a ritual to grow it into a Staff. The Elder Wand can only be fully used by the Peverell bloodline anyway. The three brothers were strong Necromancers. They sacrificed thousands to make their items. I was just going to change the shape of the wand into a staff. But this, this is much better.

I can make a Very Powerful Staff and use the leftover wood to make paper, then use it to make a Magical Grimoire much more powerful than the one Family could own. They will help me out a lot in the future"

Hope sniffed as she got up from her hug with Melinda "How about we go out to get something to eat? I don't feel like cooking after that serious talk"

Just as she said that Harry's stomach growled causing the boy to look down in surprise "Damn, when was the last time I ate something?"

Melinda just laughed as she stood up "Let's go. I'm in the mood for fish, so pick the best Sea Food Restaurant that you know"

Harry just pulled out his phone "I got this. I'll call that Sea Food Place we went to last time"

"Huh? Isn't that place only with reservations and the waiting line is for weeks?" Hope asked in confusion causing Harry to chuckle

"Hope I'm rich. The laws of mortals don't apply to me. Just throw some money and any problem can be fixed"

This just caused the girl to slump a bit "It's kinda sad cause it's true. Well, whatever. I'm off to get ready. And Harry please leave the lab coat behind. Casting an illusion on it so people don't notice it doesn't help. Me and Melinda can see it and it kinda ruins the mood"

Harry looked at his favorite coat before sighing

"Yeah fine. Today has been a good day, and the Ship was finished yesterday. If that ain't a reason to celebrate properly I don't know what is."

"Thank God" Hope mumbled

"He is dead, go thank Michael instead," Harry said offhandedly.

"Eh... EHHHHH!!" Hope started to freak out "Harry! What do you mean?! Harry?Harry!?"

The young boy ignored her troubles as his mind wandered off.

'What would happen if I got a priest to bless a Cannabis Seed and then send the finished Holy Enhanced Weed up to Heaven? Welp. Only one way to find out'

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