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Hostel Love BTS


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Readers x Jungkook. Y/N and Lily are going to a new hostel. The same hostel where worlds most deadliest mafia group 'BTS' studies, what can go wrong? ~Suspense, Romance, Action, Comedy and Slight angst BEST UNIT!!~ /!\This book is pure work of fiction and has no intentions of spreading hate. /!\ This book will contain: °Violence. °Mention of Blood. °Murder. °Torturing. °Mention of Mafia. °Some cringy content. And many more.... DON'T READ IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH ANYTHING MENTIONED ABOVE. NOTE: This story includes you, if you don't find it comfortable then please don't read the book I repeat DON'T READ.... (No offence in comments!!) Hope you like it. ENJOY!!


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