Honey, please love someone elseHoney, please love someone else

Honey, please love someone else

by ShilohD

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[ COMPLETE] I got married and now I’m cheating on her. Why am I cheating ? Well we did a certain agreement and now this is how our life is. Everything was going normal. I was having my own life and she was having her own. But things didn’t went like I wanted and I came to fall in love with her. A story with less misunderstandings and more awkward situations between two people. Read the story to find out. ———————————————————————— This is my first story so I hope everyone can give it a try. Since I’m not a pro, there will be some mistakes and errors. Feel free to point out my mistakes. I just write in my free time, it’s my hobby. So read at your own risk. ______________________________________________________ (The cover art isn’t mine ~ Credits to the owner ~ If someone is willing to make me one contact me please. ) _______________________________________________ My other stories are ~ —> I WAS REBORN TO BE THE EVIL QUEEN —> MR. MERMAN AT MY CAFE

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