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Holy World


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What is Holy World

Holy World is a popular web novel written by the author EmpRabbit, covering SURVIVAL, ACTION, SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, MAGIC, EVOLUTION, WEAK TO STRONG, MODERN, WAR AND MILITARY, MAGE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 51.5K readers with an average rating of 4.82/5 and 33 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 30 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The old world has ended in blood, fire and chaos. The new one is filled with endless possibilities but just as much blood. Andrew's enigmatic abilities and desire to grow stronger in order to protect his new family will bring his journey to an early end or further than anyone else before him. [System booting...] [Welcome, host!] ... [Quest Completed: Holy Power Acquired!] "Hah, that surely was an easy one" [Additional Quest: Kill a Guardian of the world] "Ah, I spoke too soon.."

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This story is great. I love the genre. I think it could have a lot of potential. I love the characters and their dialogue is great, not many people can make a dialogue interesting and you've done that. Keep it up, author.


Go read past the third chapter and you will definitely get hooked! By chapter 5, i actually put it in my collection because I genuinely enjoyed it. To be fair, I normally would avoid this genre as I never get to understand all the terms. BUT I was recommended this book and I wanted to give it a try and I'm glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would look forward to your updates, author😍 In summary, plot is interesting, everything is explained well and I can visualise some of the details described by the author, which is a bonus for me because I like to be able to visualise them hehe


The writing style is unique— this was the first thing I noticed. It a blend of informative, third person omnipresence and a neutral, creative showing “not telling” style. It isn’t something that you will run across frequently. The writer has an fluent and natural understanding of the English language — the grammar needs very little work, though I would consider shortening a few long paragraphs into more digestible pieces. This genre is new to me — that being system. It isn’t something I’ve read before or dabbled in, but the concept is interesting. It’s like isekai genre webtoons/novels — and the fantasy aspect and introduction to the character and steady buildup of the world around them is worth the time and investment. In all, it is worth its rating and I look forward to seeing how it concludes down the line.


Great story. I was planning on reading only 3 chapters but I'm already at chapter 11. I'm definitely hooked. I like how you combined modern and fantasy in a way that made sense. The story has got lot of potential and I'd recommend it anytime


That's ready script for a computer game! I like the science-fiction idea. You've successfully created a different reality. The plot is captivating and characters are expressive. There are also interseting descriptions of the backgroud. I wish you all the best with the story!


Reveal spoiler


hello author. Your writing is good and very effective to catch on my imagination. Keep up the good writing style. Love the way you deal with the characters. Fighting!


Reveal spoiler


A young man studies magic in a fantasy / sci-fi crossover, with a simulism theme. Very interesting so far. Despite the occasional grammatical issues, I definitely want to know what happens next.


Wow! Just wow! It's really magical !! The story is so promising and so good. All the chapters are written beautifully and honestly I'm in love with your writing style. The genre is beautifully displayed. Even though it's your first book, it's really awesome. You are a promising author. I'm excited for more. Keep up the good work author!!!!


This grabs your attention in the first chapter and doesn't lose it afterwards. As far as fantasy titles go, this is fast paced, interesting, and has a unique approach to the apocalypse. The story structure is clean, and the conversations flow naturally and in a realistic manner. You're doing great!


Found a great novel here! Worldbuilding is superb and I'm looking forward to more chapters. Keep up publishing more and I'll try reading it all! Also, love the bit of comedy.


Oh fantasy FANTASYYY hahahaha I'm a big fan of fantasy, The story is great. I love the genre, the setting, the back ground world is easy to see. I love the characters and their dialogue is great, Keep it up, author.


Cool story. And I'm loving the way you introduce the background setting of the story. Super interesting plot. Dying to read more. A minor editing and proofreading could definitely improve the writing, but it's good overall


The first chapters introduce the world, and they are surprisingly enough to understand it! I'm not into novels where you have a system and levels, I can't quite grasp them, but this time it's rather clear. Then, the MC is introduced. In a single scene, you understand what his purpose is and where does he come from, very well-written! I'm surely going to read forward, and I'll update my review when I have a more precise opinion. The only advice I can give to the author is to check the grammar, especially the tense of the verbs (sometimes the author passes from past to present and then back to past), but it doesn't impact the reading too much. I haven't seen typos or anything, so I guess the author carefully edits his chapters.


This story is really quite good. Your writing quality is very good, with few grammatical mistakes. I like how clearly you explain things. I also like how the plot is moving forward. A couple notes for you, author: -Careful of commas. A couple of places I noticed that you can add commas, such as after a "hey" or other phrases that ought to be separated from the rest of the sentence. -Careful also of punctuation and capitalization of dialogue tags. For example, "I really like cherry pie." She said. vs. "I really like cherry pie," she said. Use commas after dialogue and lowercase unless it is a name. -Use less emotional adverbs, such as "confusedly" or "happily". Replace these with showing or description. This will improve your prose and the flow of your sentences. Other than this, great job! Keep on writing!


Yes! I like it soo much. Not my usual genre, but I got so enthralled with the world you created. The pace is just right and the writing quality is superb. Congratulations Author, this is fantastic! This is definitely added to my library. Keep the good work author!


Given that it's one of your first writing attempts as youve stated, I am madly impressed. You have the vocabulary and the imagination, if you just clean up a bit of the syntax you'll be a great writer. This particular novel has a fascinating world backstory and the main 2 of Andrew and Aisha are exactly what youd hope for, likeable, with their own personalities and ideas. I am truly looking forward to where this goes, especially as the prose continues to make marked improvements over the course of the chapters.


Very intriguing! From what I've read, I know that this story is very well-planned by the author. You will be more curious to see what will happen the more you go deeper into the story. Great job, author! Amazing work you got here.


I have read the first two chapters Author-sama, I was like, what? Year 2024?! The writing quality I have nothing to say, character designs also great but what I love the most is you world background, I know it's still our world but it gave me a different feeling towards it. Please update more chapters Author-sama!⭐


I don't really read fantasy stories but I must say that I'm quite intrigued by this one. The apocalyptic shown here is unique and the way the author used it to develop the storyline is just amazing. The author's writing style is quite special and it just grabs your attention instantly. You could actually picture everything that was happening. I'm truly looking forward to the next chapters. Thank you for working so hard!


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