Chapter 78: The Birth of Clickbait Titles

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Kingdom of Sardinia

In order to defeat Austria, Charles Albert had allied with the republics he loathed the most. The Austro-Hungarian War had just erupted, and before they had time to celebrate, an urgent plea for help arrived.

Upon receiving the plea from the Hungarians, Charles Albert was devastated and roared,

"Damn, are these Hungarians all useless? The war has barely started, and they're already buckling under the pressure.

With 300,000 National Homeland Defense Troops, even if they were 300,000 pigs, in such a short time, the Austrians couldn't kill them all!

Could it be that the Hungarians simply lack the courage to fight for freedom?"

"Your Majesty, Hungary is a multi-ethnic country. While the Hungarians fight for national independence, they also oppress other minority groups.

The Austrians have bought over these minorities. From the very beginning, the Hungarian Republic was losing," Prime Minister Azzolini explained helplessly.