Chapter 77, Hungarian Liberator (Bring the extra tickets)

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The Hungarian patriot poet and one of the leaders of this Hungarian Revolution, Petofi Sandor, couldn't hold back any longer.

"Count, are you just going to watch Hungary fall? Even if the odds of success are low, isn't doing nothing unacceptable?

For the love of God, at this time you must do something for this country!"

István smiled bitterly and shook his head, saying, "I only regret not stopping you. If I had been more adamant initially, perhaps this situation would never have arisen.

Indeed, I need to do something now, but not by entering the government. Don't hurry to refuse. Let me finish speaking.

In terms of military command, I am mediocre at best. Duke Leopold and Marquis Roki are far stronger than I am, and I suggest you seek military advice from them.

As for propaganda, Kossuth, you are much stronger than me and do not need my help.

The only advantage I have is self-awareness, and I will not meddle in governmental affairs.