Chapter 76: Desperate Illness Calls for a Hasty Cure

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"War must serve politics," Franz thought up the best excuse. He couldn't just say he was worried about history repeating itself, with the Hungarians suddenly erupting and pushing back the Bohemian Corps?

No one would believe that. The Bohemian Corps had a hundred thousand troops, even if cut in half, that would still be fifty thousand regular soldiers. How many Hungarian troops does Budapest have now?

The Hungarian Republic nominally had a sizeable army, but Kossuth could only actually mobilize a very limited number of troops. Local governments at all levels had National Homeland Defense Troops, many of which were only on paper.

The Kossuth Government had gathered some of the defectors from the front line, and nominally, Budapest's total military strength reached eighty thousand. On average, two or three people shared one rifle, and with troops utterly devoid of morale, how much combat power could they have?