Chapter 45, Legal Weapons

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

On March 21, the Vienna Government introduced the "Land Lease Act," which established that farmers have the right to lease land, and the maximum rent could not exceed fifty percent of the land's yield.

This was to ensure the basic survival rights and interests of farmers; without restrictions, it was estimated that it wouldn't take long for a famine uprising to erupt again.

On March 22, the Vienna Government issued the "Serf Resettlement Security Act," requiring nobility to provide minimal living security for freed serfs, addressing the employment issue of peasants.

That is: the right of peasants to reside in their current houses must not be deprived; land could be leased to peasants, or peasants could be employed to guarantee employment issues.

To avoid the capitalist nobility taking advantage of the situation, on March 23, 1848, the Vienna Government introduced the "Prohibition of Usury Act."