Chapter 46: Abolition of Local Tariffs

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

By 1848, the Czech region had already become one of Austria's industrial centers, and with the development of industry, the wealth of capitalists had greatly increased.

The demonstrations that erupted were actually due to the capitalists' wealth and political status not matching up; they were discontent with their lack of political voice.

The continuous introduction of new legislation by the Austrian Government, to a certain extent, sacrificed the interests of the capitalists, catalyzing the Prague demonstrations.

In Franz's view, these people were probably too accustomed to the carefree days of the Metternich Era and had forgotten that those who set the rules of the game could also change them at any time.

Now the Austrian Government was indicating that they would no longer play this game, proclaiming that those who are with us will prosper, and those who oppose us will perish. Whoever had objections, they would deal with them.