Chapter 38: Regency

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Time hurried by, and by March 11, 1848, the rebel army within Vienna was essentially wiped out, leaving only minor ruffians to be handled by the police.

The sudden rebellion came swiftly and dissipated quickly, but the impact had only just begun, with many parts of Austria already showing signs of instability.

Franz had no energy to pay attention to other areas; the Rebellion Suppression Army still had nearly forty thousand prisoners in hand, and their disposal was a major issue.

Killing them was obviously out of the question; he wasn't a homicidal maniac, and these people bore him no deep hatred.

But simply releasing them was also not an option. Even if they were coerced participants, they had joined the rebellion, and if not dealt with, what would stop others from following their example in the future?

Imposing fines?

If they had money, they wouldn't have engaged in this life-threatening trade.