Chapter 37, Everyone Flees When Catastrophe Strikes

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Before either side could come to a conclusion, the news that the City Defense Army had returned to Vienna and had begun suppressing the rebellion reached the Hofburg Palace.

The negotiations directly fell into a deadlock, the balance of power had shifted, and the initiative in the talks had changed hands; the Vienna Court was no longer in a hurry to reach an agreement.

The conditions proposed by the bourgeoisie were seen as humiliating by these Grand Dukes; they might have grudgingly accepted them out of concern for their own safety if they had no other choice.

Now that the main force of the City Defense Army had returned and the troops from around Vienna were also en route, even a battalion remained inside the Imperial Palace to defend it.

With the danger now passed, everyone's mindset had changed, and Archduke Louis was unwilling to compromise with the capitalists.