Chapter 21, Walking the Tightrope

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Everyone was in a difficult position, and Franz breathed a sigh of relief; the war between Prussia and Denmark would not end in the short term, which meant that he had enough time to fill the gap.

You can't hide flaws in paper, and if you don't fill the gap, even if you try to pin the blame on the Prussians, it's not credible!

If it gets exposed one day, would Emperor Franz still have any face left?

Diversion of funds and embezzlement are two completely different concepts. The former can be explained as normal capital operations of a bank. In any case, as long as the money is paid on time, it's fine. The latter is forever a dark history.

While Prussia and Russia were deadlocked, the great powers of Europe were not idle either.

The French, aside from occasionally expressing their opinions on international issues to swear their presence, were mainly busy with internal struggles, even overseas colonial expansion was affected.