Chapter 22, I reflect on my own behavior three times a day.

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After reflecting on Austria's foreign policy, Franz resolutely decided that in the days to come, he would focus on farming peacefully.

Recently, Austria had been gaining quite a reputation, swiftly bringing the Kingdom of Sardinia to its knees, extorting a sum of war reparations, and then meddling in the Papal State, consolidating its hegemony in the Italian Area.

Now, they had come up with The Holy Roman Alliance, and everyone knew that this alliance was not as simple as it appeared on the surface; one could tell just by looking at the reaction from the Germany Region.

The difference between The Holy Roman Alliance and the Holy Roman Empire was just a matter of two characters, which easily led to associations.

Had it not been for the Italian countries' involvement and the establishment of their headquarters in Rome, many people would probably have lost sleep over it.