Her Two Dads(BL) Book

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Her Two Dads(BL)


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The nine years old girl didn't want to share her dad with the woman who was going to join them as a mom for her. "I don't share my dad with any girl. He is only mine!" She firmly thought her dad could only be hers. "If you don't want a mom, then what about another dad?" Her dad tricked her and then married and became a family with his boyfriend. "Do you like how we are?" He asked his daughter again to see if she was really happy about her decision. "Yeah, I love my both dads!" She answered cutely while melting their hearts. So their happy life continued. But later, "Why did you break his nose?" "He told me that having two dads is strange" "... Did he?" " Yes, he did. So I asked him why do you have two nose holes." " Nose holes?" "Mm... He said it's normal to have two nose holes" "So?" "Then I hit his nose and asked, if we have one nose hole then won't it become strange? Then how come having two dads is strange while having two nose holes is normal? So I taught him practically that having one is the strange thing." "....." "We are honestly sorry. She really does have an abnormal way of thinking" The pair of dads had to face a lot of complaints because of their lovely but troublemaking daughter. A cute love story between a handsome and famous CEO × cold but a generous professor + cute and also a sassy daughter who thinks her family is the best.


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