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What is Hello Mr. King

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Yun Xiangxiang was a well-regarded celebrity in her previous life.  This life, she wants to be a proper actor.  Have a good reputation, rather have nothing than everything and not rely on the words from her fans. The products are quality. Firmly plant her own feet to the ground and only rely on herself to take the throne, step by step.  Yet, she accidentally got entangled with a world-class big shot. Ever since then, the world-class big shot followed her on Weibo. He would gift her advanced technological goods for protection. Create rings that no one else can wear but her. He would glorify her family name so he can go through fire to watch over.  Until he finally embraced her, "It's too dangerous for you. You can only be safe if you become my wife."  Yun Xiangxiang: ...

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Oh my GAWD! I love this book so much. I need more. I don’t know what adjective I can use to describe it but it is simply smooth. Not too many ridiculous scenes. Just smooth and it is nice seeing a character growth which doesn’t take forever and their thoughts along the way. It was nice to just been the female lead. The Male lead doesn’t properly show up till like end of these set of chapters. Either way it is fantastic. More people should support it. It is smooth, funny, enjoyable, with room for so much more twists and turns with the Male lead’s arrival and the female leads quest for stardom. great package all round. Please read it and review!


This is a nice touch to a rebirth/reborn novel where the FL changes her course of life and walks a new one. She doesnt care much about revenge from her previous life but wish to build a stronger foundation with her new one .. and the ML is someone with a mysterious background that we’re just seeing as the trial novel comes to a closed .. a must read!


I love this book so much , as a trial read I hope it will be selected , I like the choices that fl make and I really like the development . If only I knew the raw🥺


The plot is one of the best plot I hv read. It's about a celebrity who is reborn in another girl's body. The plot has sub-plots or rather say plots of movies in which she acts. The way story goes is amazing and sub-plots are beyond amazing. Also the reason why I would strongly recommend is cause FL is very strong. The novel isn't complicated to understand. P. S 1) This is the 1st or the 2nd time I'm writing review so seriously. 2) Must Must read this novel or u'll miss out a great deal. 3) I don't know the stability of update of the novel bt I hv still given 5 stars as I really wanna give it high ratings. 😅


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so this started as an amazing book but at chapter 427 the translation quality turns to absolute garbage which really ruins the story readability for English readers and has turned many away from this book. I did push through and the translations quality does return to a better state at around chapter 500 and is only just short of the translation quality before chapter 427 but after reading almost 100 where not even the main female leads name can be translated properly once or even stay the same for more than a paragraph it kills all motivation to read so I advise skipping that section instead of paying coins and killing braincells


I like the story very much. I'm just not sure why the translation quality dropped from chapter 430~ onwards. Even chapter 460 title uses the word "her" instead of "his". What's going on??? I hate stories with bad translations. But stories with initially good translations that turned bad for some reason are even worse.


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This is a MUST read novel. It's a rebirth novel but doesn't follow the revenge trend and just about how the capable, smart, beautiful and talented FL does the things she wants in this life because she missed out on her previous life. I also like how the author gives details to the movies the FL acts in. This is a definite 5star novel.


Story is great! LIKE IT WAS HONESTLY WORTH THE READ Translation was wonderful UNTIL everything went spiraling down from chapter 427! It seems that they changed their translator that everything became so messed up, names are incomplete that one would get confused who is speaking and referring to who. Honestly, it was a great read and spent more than a week binge reading this because I just couldn't put it down. It's such a shame that the translator changed. IT RUINED EVERYTHING! Now, I feel like I wasted A LOT OF TIME becaue I can't even get myself to finish reading a chapter after 427 withouT a headache and confusion 😭😭😭 My heart hurts that I can't even finish reading the story of Song Mian and Xiangxiang 😭😭😭


Love how the FL doesn't care about her hurtful past and lets karma flow. She is a good example of positivity and striving for the best. Compared to other novel FLs she is very mature and works towards her goal without wasting her time on petty revenge! 👏👏👏👏


Very satisfying. Reincarnation story with no 'cheats' but enough sophisticated face slapping to satisfy a vengeful heart. On chapter 30 and still no ML. So the author allows the FL to do her thing and prove herself. Loving this story very much.💎💖💎💖💎


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StorY was an enjoyable read until they changed to machine translation with no editing. Do not bother unless they edit all the chapters in the last month.


Waaahhh!! Why is it that this book is not in voting pool yet. Huhuhu. This is one of the most interesting book Ive read in trial read. Hope to see this soon.❤


OH MY GOD this book is so good. The best of the trial reads and best book I’ve read in 2020. I hope the editors continue this quickly so I could have some extra chapters. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍


Title: Hello Mr. King Chinese Title: 你好,King先生 Number of Chapters: 1257 Status: Completed Raw Link: https://***.69shu.org/book/110775/


OMG!!!! I absolutely love this book. This is such a unique book for rebirth/reborn novel. The female character is really empowering. The character development is really great. This novel doesn't dwell on revenge so it's really great to read. ❣️❣️👌


Looking forward for the next chapters. I love the FC and the MC. Hope to see this on voting pool next week. Im excited!!😁 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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