Hellishly Bounded To The CEO Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Hellishly Bounded To The CEO


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After going through all the tragedies of her life at a very young age, Janet Kingsley was determined to pursue her career as an actress.Behind light,camera and action, she was just another messed up human being whose beautiful life was thrown into disarray after a night.Covering up her miseries behind the thick layer of makeup,Janet had only goal in her life “JUSTICE.” But fate had its own plan for her.An accident had led her life drawn towards the most powerful tycoon of the country,Victor Reynolds Who decides the fate of other rulling companies. Dominant, mysterious, Victor Reynolds was undoubtedly the heart-throb of many young adults.What happens when the big boss suddenly offers to marry her as a compensation of saving his life? A contract marriage?No! He had other plan in his sleeves which unexpectedly drove her life towards the biggest unsolved mystery.But journey of love was never sweet like fruit melon. The day she wakes up from everything and decides to run away,she figures out that she was hellishly bounded to the CEO. WARNING: Novel Contains 18+ Contents! P:S: The cover belongs to author solemnly. Art is done by @art_by_Arpi on Instagram! _______________________ Author' Contact Information: Instagram: Anamika_author Facebook Page: Books Of Anamika Ana Mail: suhanikaanamika@gmail.com TikTok: @authorana11 Twitter: Anamika_author Discord: Anamika Ana #5922