The year is 1999. Everything is safe and sound. The world is happy and peaceful. Or at least it seems...

On the other side of the earth, the slayers are fighting the devils in a parallel dimension created by the SLAYER ORGANIZATION. Slayers are just like humans living their ordinary life in this normal world, but they are the part of the biggest organization in the world, the Slayer organization. The Slayer organization is widespread around the globe. Whenever a group of demons appear, Slayer org creates a parallel dimension, in which the demons get trapped but it cannot hold them longer than two hours. During these two hours, the Slayers, who work in the Slayer org, enter the dimension and kill the demons inside. They are brave and always fight a battle between life and death. They are born with divine energy and have abilities far exceeding that of a normal human.

There was a slayer named Wang Lei (23). He was around 5 feet and 11 inch. He had blue eyes, a well built body and brown and short hair. He was raised in an orphanage with her younger sister, Wang Jun (19). She was around 5 feet and 8 inches tall and had long, brown and thin hair, blue eyes and a small and developing body. Since his brother used to live alone after he reached the age of 18, he decided to become a construction worker, despite the fact that he had average divine energy. He never went to college and saved the money for her sister's education. When she passed the test of a Medical college , she started living with her brother. Even though she got 70% scholarship, the rest was still not affordable for a mere construction worker and because of this, he decided to to become a slayer.

After dropping his sister, he went to the Slayers organization and registered himself as a slayer. There he met the receptionist, who was her old Highschool friend, Zhao Ling (23). She was around 5 feet and 9 inches and had beautiful and green hair, green eyes and a voluptuous body.

When Lei was a highschool student, he was often bullied because he was poor. He only had very few friends to count on and she was one of them. Whenever he was bullied by any of his classmates, she always stood up for him.

"Are you, by any chance, Ms.Zhao Ling?"

"Yes, how can I help you?"

"It's me! Wang Lei! Don't tell me you actually forgot about me?!"

"Ara! You are Lei! What are you saying, how can I forget about you! Are you doing well? Why are you here now?"

"Well, I would not say that I am actually doing fine but it's okay. Actually I am here to register myself as a slayer and looks like fate brought me here to meet with you!"

"Actually, I am surprised too! I never knew that you had any divine energy! Well that's said, what happened to you after completing the highschool? You never came in touch with us!"

"Nothing actually, I was working as a construction worker and for a very low sum of money I had to work my a$$ off! It was tiresome and due to some situations, I decided to become a slayer. By the way, what do you mean by 'us'?"


Suddenly, a huge noise was heard in Lei's ears as he turned to look the origin of the noise, he found a slayer who dropped his equipment and looked straight into his golden eyes. He was around 6 feet and 2 inch with a huge build and had long brown hair that reached till his shoulders. He rushed towards Lei and hugged him tightly. Lei was almost suffocating.

The slayer said, "Hey Lei! How are ya' doin' nowadays! Wait, don't tell me you don't remember me!"

"Of course I remember you! Jiang you have grown too big man! What you did after completing Highschool?"

The slayer was Lei's best friend from Highschool. He was Chen Jiang (23). He always helped Lei in tough times by giving him a helping hand or some money.

"Nothing much, just slayed some demons!"

"So you became a slayer just after completing the Highschool? Your pay must be nice, right?"

"Well you could say that! So are you here to become a slayer too? If yes then we could form a party with that miss over there." He pointed his finger towards a Lady who was wearing a red Armor which looked thin but was built with MEGALITHIUM. It was a metal which was discovered from the demon's world. It was thin but it was so hard that even if someone used all of his force attacking it with a hammer, it would have no effect.

She was around 5 feet and 10 inches and had short Red hair and brown eyes. She also had a medium sized body.

Lei wondered and asked "Who is she?"

Jiang replied, "She is a cousin of mine and as serious as she looks, she is as funny as that! She also has some incredible fire magic skills!"

"Wow, that's cool! I would like to say hello to her!" Lei stepped towards her direction and as he reached her, he brought his hand forward to shake her hands while introducing himself. As he was about to reach her hand, she showed her back to him. Lei was hurt and also surprised. His mouth got wide open. She turned back and laughed. "That was a cool expression you had! I'm sorry for hurting you! That was a joke, hope you don't mind."

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Calming himself, Lei answered "Y- yeah it's fine."

"My name is Chen Bao (22). Please excuse my behaviour before. I am grade B in fire magic. I heard your conversations with Jiang before. So, what kind of slayer are you?"

"I-I am here to register myself. So I don't know much about the types of slayer. Please can you tell me some information about it?"

"Sure! Please listen carefully, There are three types of slayers- the first type of slayers are vitality types, they have the divine energy in their body and can increase their power or vitality efficiently. The second type of slayers are the magic type, they can project out the divine energy in the form of elemental magic like fire, water, ice and many other type. The third type of slayers are supportive type, they have the divine energy in their body and they can even project it out but in a very minimum amount, also they are specially used for healing or locating purposes, sometimes even defending the Vitality type slayers. Also remember, every slayer is divided into five ranks, The D class is the lowest and weakest, C class is considered low and weak, B class is considered medium or average and the A class is considered very strong but not the strongest, the strongest is the legendary S class."

Lei was surprised by the knowledge she had and asked her "Wow! You seem to be quite knowledgeable."

"Well that's the basic though."

"Oh! My bad then."

The receptionist, Zhao Ling called out "Mr. Wang Lei please come here! Your ability test is ready!"

"Allright! I am coming right now!"

"Well that said, I have to go now, see ya!"

Lei rushed towards the room which was in the left side of the reception, but before entering he bumped into Jiang. Jiang asked "Hey bro! Are you going to give the test?"

"Yeah! And I'm sorry but looks like I cannot talk to you right now, I'll be in your party soon so let's talk then! For now, bye!"

"Okay! Bye bro!"

While Lei reached the room, Ling whispered to him "Good luck!". He looked at her and nodded his head with a smile.

When he reached the room, he saw two people in black suit and sunglasses who held a flat machine with a small ball and a meter on it.

Lei payed his respect to them and asked them that what should he do now. They told him to take a seat and place his palm on the slayer identifying device. He placed his palm on that flat machine. The machine started vibrating and a letter like number, which was not readable by Lei appeared on the meter and the ball started glowing and displayed a letter 'B' and a word 'MAGIC AND VITALITY'. The man in black said him that now he can remove his hands from the machine. When he removed his hand, the other man said that "Mr. Lei, you are a rank B slayer and you are a supportive type. I hope that you already know what it means?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Well that's good then. You can proceed towards the reception with this card and register yourself." The man in black removed some type of card from the meter and gave it to Lei. The card was like an identification card and it contained some crucial information of the slayer named Wang Lei.

Lei left the room and proceeded towards Ling and handed her the card.

"So you are a B rank supportive type! That's good!" She started typing the detail on the reception desktop.

"Well, thanks for your compliment then!" Lei replied with a smile.

Jiang and Bao reached Lei and Jiang swung his arm around Lei's shoulders and asked him "Yo bro! How did the test go?"

"It went well buddy."

When Ling finished entering the details she returned the card to Lei. As he forwarded his hand to reach the card suddenly Jiang took it and read the details.

"It's good that you are a B rank! now we can form a party! I am A rank Vitality slayer, Bao is B rank fire magic slayer and you can join as a B rank supportive slayer! By the way, I should tell you now that there are 4 types of Dimension, each based on the difficulty of the dimension. The C rank dimensions requires atleast the slayers who are ranks C or rank D to enter and their numbers don't matter. There are usually weak demons and the lands are simple. The rank B dimension requires atleast one rank A and 2 rank B to enter it. The demons are quite stronger and the lands are a little confusing. The A rank dimensions require more than 3 A rank slayers and the biggest problem there is, the lands are too confusing and the power gap between the demons of B rank and A rank is large. After all this said, there are a few S rank dimensions which require atleast 1 S ranks and more than 3 A ranks. They have some strongest demons of history. This all is defined by the super computer of slayer org which is know as the DIVINE ENTITY. That's all and I am happy that now we can easily clear B rank dungeons!"

After knowing these things, Lei got a little excited and asked "So how can I earn some money with this slayer work?!"

"Well you get pay according to your rank. I am a B rank and I get 350k Yuan per year. You should also get around 150k or something per year. Well you can also earn some more money by selling the demon equipments."

"Wow! That's a lot of money! I want to quickly go to a dimension!"

Bai stepped in their conversation and said "Not so soon! First of all you need to buy some equipments and train your divine energy!"

"She is right, Lei. You should follow her advice." Ling said to Lei.

"Fine fine, I get it. So now, let's go and get some equipment!" Lei shouted excitedly.

"Yeah!" Jiang shouted along with him.


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