Heaven's Flame Book

novel - Fantasy

Heaven's Flame


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  • 73 Chs

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Anger and Greed has bloomed A sacrifice is made... A primitive evil as old as time is released. Secrets are revealed, hell has been let loose. An Adventure has begun. Beware the darkness that lurks In-between. ... Only the flames can resist. THE HEAVENLY FLAMES. Fifteen year old Adriana's home is destroyed before her eyes along with everything that holds a sliver of comfort for her and is held captive for 3 years by a necromancer. She escapes the clutches of the necromancer only to find out that her life is more bound to magical forces in the world. Just as she finds love, a new evil arises and Adriana must join forces with other magical beings to find the flame keepers (who are sworn to fight against evil). With a determined necromancer in pursuit of Adriana, would she able to defeat this new evil before it's too late? ENJOY !


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