97 97. Gimme Your Dragon


"What happened? Are you alright? Where are you hurt?"

Dumbledore appeared out of nowhere with his wand out, ready for battle. He looked left and right and saw Happy standing similarly to him, in a battle stance. Then, he looked to the other side and saw the old man.

"Grand Elder Mukasa?" Of course, Dumbledore knew the other man. He knew all the headmasters of all the magical schools. After all, every old and mighty wizards or witches had an unspoken secret club to get to know each other. At least, that was what Happy believed.

"Professor… the Grand Elder said he won't allow me to go on stopping genocides." Happy complained like a spoiled brat. "I don't want to stop."

Dumbledore sighed and eased up a little. "Happy, you appeared on the muggle world's television. I feel it's time you stop… You've already pushed the limits of what is acceptable by the International Statute of Secrecy. Before the ICW starts criticizing you, you should stop."

"No." Happy replied back. "After seeing the things I have… I won't stop."

Dumbledore sighed and gestured for Elder Mukasa to come closer. "Happy, there are laws we cannot fight against. They are meant to protect our world. If the muggles find out about wizards, a real war might start."

"I'm not trying to expose wizards to muggles, nor was it my intention, or ever will be. All I want is for this world to be a better place. The criminals to be caught, the hungry to be fed, and the hurt to be healed—what's wrong with doing that? Since when did helping someone become a crime?" Happy ranted, annoyed as well as confused. "Come with me, and I'll show you what I'm talking about. Please place the invisibility charm on us, so we're not seen."

Happy resolutely asked and created a portal to walk into. He knew Dumbledore would at least give him a chance to show him what he wanted.

With Dumbledore's lead, Elder Mukasa also followed and entered the portal. In an instant, they arrived in an unknown village somewhere in Africa. Mukasa easily recognized it by the texture of the soil.


Happy nodded, having brought the Elder to his own backyard. "Look around. This village is merely a few hundred kilometers from your wizarding school. Look at the kids with their bloated bellies. It's not because they're well-fed. It's because of the severe protein deficiency in their bodies. I believe you don't even know what protein is. Anyway, follow me."

Happy walked into the village unnoticed and finally arrived at a large, newly constructed building. He pointed at the signboard on it. "Happy Food Bank—I own this place. Food is distributed from here at a subsidized price, and it's free for children. Tell me, Elder Mukasa, how many wizard children died before the age of eleven here, because their families couldn't afford food?"

Noticing the speechlessness, Happy scoffed. "As I guessed, you have no answer. Let me guess, you never thought about it? Now, isn't that what makes us different? I'm merely the first to consider the good things that our wizardry can bring to the entire world. In any case, let's go to another place."

Yet again, they crossed through the portal and arrived in a village in the middle of the forest. This time the people looked different and had East Asian features. The condition was almost similar to the previous village. Poverty was all there was to see.

"This is in Cambodia. Sadly, I haven't been able to reach this place yet. But soon I will— That dictator, Pol Pot, truly ruined the potential of this country. A genocidal maniac that we wizards could have easily removed." Happy muttered and looked at Dumbledore. "Why didn't you kill Hitler back then? Wasn't he simply a muggle Grindelwald?"

"Hitler had plenty of wizards in his ranks. It would have been an all-out war of wizards and muggles. Why do you think he was interested in the occults?" Dumbledore defended himself. "By focusing on Grindelwald, we were able to at least deal with one issue."

"Yet Hitler is dead, and Grindelwald lives." Happy commented. "By the way, if I understand it correctly, Hitler should have become the enemy of the entire wizarding world if he was using wizards in his muggle wars. It makes no sense that you let him be—I'd rather call this a lack of backbone, and surprisingly, even a kid is able to understand that much."

Happy made another portal after that, and went to an Oceania nation, and then to a South American country. After all that, he returned to the same place Elder Mukasa had brought him. He had shown them the absolute poverty, the mines where children worked, and the villages where zombie-like humans lived.

"It's easy to say we can't meddle in muggle affairs while living in our luxurious castles with an abundance of food, and lemon-flavored delicacies. And when I, without asking for anything from you, try to help—I'm the bad guy?" Happy stopped speaking after that, waiting for a response.

"Why? Why are you doing this much? Going out of your way?" Elder Mukasa asked.

Happy shrugged. "I don't have any hero complex. I'm doing this simply because I can—And if that's a problem, I'd rather not be a part of the wizarding world."

With that done, Happy decided to move away before the two old men could say anything. In all honesty, he knew that there was nothing special he could say to make them change their minds. Everyone was entitled to their own beliefs. But, what irked him was that they were trying to stop him from believing in his own ideas. It wasn't like he was attempting to destroy the world like Grindelwald and Voldemort.

"I'll see you later." Happy retreated and made a portal to vanish back to the hotel in Rwanda.

Dumbledore, left behind, just sighed. "Apologies, Mukasa. He's a kind-hearted boy, and only does things for the good of the people."

"Being kind is no sin, Dumbledore." Elder Mukasa said. "But kindness to the point that you become blind can bring a lot of trouble. I praise his efforts and feel glad that he's doing things to help the poor. But you also know that we may ignore his actions today, but others may not. He's hurting the interests of a lot of powerful nations and people—he should be careful."

Dumbledore shrugged. "His grandmother is the President of MACUSA. I think he'll be alright."


"Bwahahaha…!" Elder Mukasa roaringly laughed. "Why didn't you say that earlier? I was worried for nothing—she's too fierce for those oldies in ICW."


Happy retired to his base of operations and oversaw the work as usual. No more issues arose beyond that point. The country was stabilizing with ease, and other long-term issues were being worked on slowly. It wasn't all Happy's responsibility, after all. His job was simply to provide an opportunity for a good change so the people can be fed, and a compassionate government was in place.

A month after the end of the horrifying events, Happy retired to his usual life. But instead of going to the UK or USA, he decided to go further east and travel to a few countries. He didn't want to, but for his plan to work, it was important for him to skip a few months of his fourth year in school.

"Koko, let's go and look for a Phoenix—a female one would be better. Fawkes will be able to have kids." Happy mumbled and vanished with his little friend. He left no trace behind, without anybody finding out who was actually the mastermind behind the genocide stopping.

However, before he did anything, he did send a very threatening and demanding letter to Gringotts, as he wanted something from the pesky greedy goblins.

[To Manager Borhog,

Give me your guardian dragon from the lower floor, or I will take out all my money from your bank. Consider Dementors instead of a dragon as a guardian.


Happy Flamel Lestrange.]


"This is madness… Why is he like this?" The manager of Gringotts grunted in annoyance. "Is there nothing we can do?"

"I don't know what we can do. But I do know that he can indeed bankrupt us. If he were to take all the money out in one go, we will lack the operational funds and gold to meet the needs of other account holders. You asked us to follow his footsteps and invest in muggle markets—due to that, we currently hold less gold than what we have recorded in our accounts." Borhog's assistant answered stoically.

"Then… You want me to give him the dragon?"

"There is no other choice."

Meanwhile, before anybody knew it, the 24th of August had arrived. Mr. Weasely, Ron, and the twins picked up Harry from his muggle home for their viewing of the Quidditch World Cup. As they arrived at the World Cup campsite.

However, as many of the Hogwarts students converged there, almost everyone noticed the absence of a particularly loud boy with an appetite worthy of competing with giants.

"Where's Happy?"

"We don't know."

"Didn't Happy come before us?"


"Why isn't Happy here?"

One after another, someone came to talk with Happy in the tent where Harry, Ron, and Hermione stayed. Their faces were equally confused and worried.

"Why isn't he here? He said we'll meet him soon in the letter." Hermione wondered.

"He even sent me a birthday present," Harry revealed. "And he said I should start studying dragons for some reason."

Ron nodded. "I think I know why, but I can't tell yet… I heard my father talking about him. It seems a lot of complaints have been coming in at the Ministry, regarding him and his actions in the muggle world."

That made them a little tense. Having matured and reached the age of 14. Their minds had developed enough to understand the deeper intricacies of society.

"I hope he's okay," Hermione mumbled. "If he's not coming… this year is going to be utterly boring."

"Yeah, you're right." Ron agreed.

But only Harry felt worried since he knew the threat of Voldemort was out there, looming. His terrifying nightmares had shown him moments of discussions regarding the 'Lestrange boy'.

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