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hmmmm i remember this one is at 3.9 the last time and my review also got deleted, or the creator make a new account and repost all the chapter and seeing it was posted 3 days ago i might be right. p.s the mc is a beta character


Hmmm I still remember a few bad review in this section Hmmm I still remember a few bad review in this section Hmmm I still remember a few bad review in this section


a well thought out and we'll executed fanfic. the story is about 30 - 45% canon and the rest is original. a good MC that, although helps others, is still not naiv and can deal with threats. excellent grammar as well as spelling. side characters are OC and has personal development as well as play a good role of the book, but not so much it outshines the MC. Ps. nice romance as well, not rushed but not prolonged, and got built up well.


This the best harry potter I have ever read till date. The author has done an amazing job in it and hopefully, he continues to do so. It is also quite different from other reincarnation fanfics which have become quite cliché nowadays.


I want to give power stones to this story. But it is not available. I want to give power stones to this story. But it is not available. I want to give power stones to this story. But it is not available.


Harry Potter the rise of the Beta boy! Do you want a subservient puppy?!! :) Well, here I am!! I will be your personal house-elf, clean your bed, tell you all my secrets and be overall a subservient little BOY!! A cuck boy!!


Finally there is a Harry Potter self-insert fanfiction with a good dumbledore and MC that explores magic. Author, what is the update schedule for this??


i dont know whats going on this is definately a copy of the muggleborn conspiracy. the author doesn't even hide it. Author of this Novel:Alexander_the_grey and MC of Muggleborn Conspiracy:Alexander Grey. Thats not to say there are no differences between the novels its just not enough to count as a seperate one. This feels more like a rewrite with slight alterations.


A properly done Harry Potter Fanfic. It’s an amazing read and I highly suggest reading it if interested in the slightest bit. Nothing to complain about at all, except that he doesn’t give Sol enough time within the book or showcase him enough even in private which I would enjoy. Overall it’s amazing.


10/10 Would read again. In fact I’m going to do just that. And before you ask, yes i did read 130 chapters in one day and yes I’m Going to do it again today. 🙃


This fanfiction feels extremely familiar to a fiction I've read before. Not exactly the same but it uses a lot of stuff from other works I've previously read. The Magical Core concept of cores being "leveled up" in the same manner as the states of matter "gas to liquid to solid" I've read before elsewhere. The concept of "MC is a kid so hires some downtrodden people and uses wealth acquired to form an organization that leads muggleborns and maybe magical races is also pretty much ripped from that previous work. I just wish I remembered the name of that other fiction. Anyways I'm not sure if this guy jus ripped off that previous work I mentioned or he is the author of the work I previously read and just re-wrote the whole thing. It just feels like this is too much of a copy of something I've already read.


An copycat of muggleborn conspiracy but with flat storyline,no significant conflict,Op wannabe mc where he just got power from the so called dark ritual,and where everyone is fucking good guy


It's very cliche. I won't get into very much, to avoid spoiling it, but he's bonded to a Phoenix, and is selling it's tears to gringots before he even gets to Hogwarts. Also, he has a custom wand. The characters are poorly developed, but the grammar is decent.


I love it. I love the story, I love the mc, I love the 3 other oc's added I love their interactions with each other or other characters, I love how the world is being changed, I love the daily uploads. All in all, its an incredible Harry Potter fanfiction with no needless bashing, it shows the dark sides of the wizarding world but also doesn't dwell on it and shows the light in it too. Honestly I think this would be my favourite HP fanfiction on this site.


Best HP book on Webnovel currently that is constantly updating. It's also nice that it tries to keep to the original intent of the story with the characters and doesn't go completely AU off the tracks. I love me some evil dumbledore stories, but it's also good to see a good but flawed dumbledore.


One of the best here! Definitely worth reading! Awesome story! Awesome MC! Awesome family & family relationship! Awesome friends! Awesome love interest!


This is an excellent fanfiction. I binge read the entire fanfic and I can't wait for more chapters. But please don't make this into a harem. The current pairing is perfect and adding anything to it will make it seem less. This is my favourite fanfic on this site till date. Keep up the good work.


Straight forward, this novel is quite GOOD, good ideas, not the best but we can follow the story's progress to see the development to see how It will come out in the future ;) The Idea for the start of the novel of the MC is definitely surprising for readers. Although many novels and fanfictions have tried so and it always make the MC be "badass" which sounds cool. I don't think this is so. In my point of view, the MC is quite traumatic of the event. Thanks to his occlumency, which came out unexpectedly, made him calm, The apperance of the MC which most people said quite too much doesn't sound bad at all, its part of ALMOST every novels lmao the story development is just like every harry potter novel, the author can try to develop more of his current ideas and try to add some Original mysteries so we readers won't feel the story dull or easily predictable. Author should explore more of MC's weakness in the stories. I have no ideas about the dialogues and relationships of the MC. I feel like I can be improved, but I don't know how too. I have seen much more novels with better dialogues and relationship developments. Can author explore more on this???? Story development is standard for me. I respect the author's choice so matter if the author use the similar plot or adding more Original plot and characters to the story or not. It's author choice and I'm fine with it. I have seen a much better harry potter fanfiction stories in story development wise (the ff im refering to is the girl MC) OVERALL, I CANT WAIT to see how the story will go with the MC original spell? magic? whatever the dictions are xD. ALL THE BEST FOR AUTHOR, CANT WAIT FOR NEXT UPDATE. also, can we know ur update timetable? PLEASE MAKE A DISCORD PLEASEEEEEEEEE AUTHOR ;(