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Harem Overlord


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Kai was the Harem Overlord, the owner of the universe's best harem. But the most powerful people in the universe killed his harem and sealed his cultivation. But they didn't know that the supposedly destroyed Harem wish still existed. Kai had used the wish to reincarnate himself and his lovers. But a curse also came with the wish in a pack. So as a bonus, Kai also cursed those men so that they will be killed by him and his lovers. But things went sideways as Kai somehow crash-landed on the mortal cultivation world, alone. His harem was spread out in the universe and Kai would have to find them. Follow him as he searches for his harem while trying to obtain their revenge. *** Read this if you like harem! Note- Please binge read the first 40 chapters since there are badly written (I was a newbie back then). Also, once you make it to the end of the 1st volume, I promise you won't regret reading this. https://discord.gg/TXwtUHQfnf. Join the server for character images. - No r*pe, no netorare, only a little netori and wife stealing.

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