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Bracer Phoenix


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"There will be carnage, massacres hundreds of thousands will be dead entire species will be wiped out" "But I'm just a kid!" "Children would give their lives to get such an opportunity" "Whether you like it or not, the lives of every living creature on this planet is now in your hands". Atlantis is real?! That was my reaction too! I remember I was at the museum- there was this creature behind me and it was SCARY. I am taken to a secluded island, an Atlantean training camp. Fitting into my cabin and getting beaten up in cabin games? That was sort of normal for me until well- something happens. I'm given a quest by the Holy Flame Of Atlantis, to do something no Atlantean has done before. To venture in the scariest parts of the ocean for a reason I did not know. It's like never before, I might have stumbled onto one of the darkest secrets the world has ever seen. "BAD THINGS ARE HAPPENING, NOBODY CAN EXPLAIN THEM- IT WILL BE A LONG NIGHT BEFORE THE DAWN AND YOU NEED TO BE READY", that's what she told me. I have an impossible task but I have my friends Can I make the impossible possible. Maybe? “Listen to me”, the boy said, “we need to get you out of here- quick. My team is outside, we need to get you as far as possible”. I stood unmoving, the boy looked at me pleadingly, “Bracer we need to go- we’re under attack”. That’s when the washroom blasted.