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What is Green Life

Green Life is a popular web novel written by the author KrisVFX, covering R-18, HAREM, URBAN-FANTASY, ROMANCE, ACTION, BETRAYAL, FROM WEAK TO STRONG, GORE, NTR, ADVENTURE, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 233.4K readers with an average rating of 4.54/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 83 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a world where people with special abilities exist.  Hatsuko is a normal high school boy with no abilities and no friends. He always wished to have a special ability like everyone else that lived in the biggest country called Sakuru which has a giant crater on it. While he gets the chance to enroll in the Sakuru school, he discovers that he actually doesn't have an ability like everyone else. After most of the students of that school hear the news about Hatsuko, they start bullying him for being the weakest. He tries to endure all the beating and humiliations from the other students every single day. But for how long will this go on? Hatsuko soon notices some weird changes in his body that will change his life... .

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Author of "Green Life" here! I would appreciate if you could rate my work if you enjoy reading it!!😀😀😋 ------------------------------------------


it's ok. it has a lot of flaws. The character development is too forced, I understand the author wanted to give the MC a tragic backstory but making everyone hate him for no reason at all just made it stupid and not realistic. Then all of a sudden he has a sister that came from nowhere. I don't understand why he's so obsessed with rei and Hana. Rei was just kind to him, Hana is his childhood friend was he expecting her to be with him just for that. author really need to develop the characters better


Writing needs improvement especially in the grammar area but other than that this story is amazing on its own. The idea is very interesting and each chapter keeps you going. I hardly notice the mistakes because I enjoyed reading this. Hope you don't drop!


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Great **icological setup of the main character, with multiple issues and disappointements that make him grows. Intersting beginning...!! Please go on!


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huh? well what do I say... It's good(?) ... :/ yup it's very good. Keep writing! (sigh. one-hundered and fourty! Come-on! reach it already! phew)


good novel , addictive story , has character buildup , not like where you just get everything going your way mc. Mc will be a bit annoying at first few chapters but it gets better eventually if you guys liked weak to strong with mc realising how power world works you will love it


Amazing novel and I love the fact that things build up to the point where he gets betrayed. If you can tolerate ntr then this novel is practically a godsend. Good job dude.


I will follow u to death... just don't drop please one of the best system novels I have ever read... I recommend this to everyone but those with weak hearts... there is an ntr tag for a reason.


In my opinion this story is definitely worth a 5/5. It is clear that the author (KrisVFX) has put down a lot of time in creating his characters and the world they live in, and the story is developing more and more by each chapter he releases. The way KrisVFX writes the story makes it incredibly easy for a person to lose oneself in his own imagination while reading. Overall 5/5 will recommend it to everyone over 18, cant wait for the next chapters and hope he doesn't stop writing.


is it ntr where its the crush getting stolen or is it ntr where they're in a relationship or in love and its torn apart or is it just his crush because one is more soul crushing than the other


Hope this book continues..............................................................................................................................................................................


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The novel is pretty decent but its not for me, mc gets cucked and tbh hes looking more like a side character to me. *sigh* i dont really know where this is going but im not really interested in reading furthur. Im not saying this is a bad novel by all means i think this has potential but this isnt for me.


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Honestly, I liked it at first but after some time it felt like he just jumped to another arc and abandoned the original one which made be mostly drop it but there are still chapters where the author is hinting at his return but its too slow, and its annoying if he puts a harem like he is doing currently


I would say that I really like this novel, but I cannot do it for one reason, namely 18+ scenes, or, to be more precise, the lack of such in MC, it's just terribly uncomfortable for me to read the moments in which the MC observes other characters doing ***. Someone can say that MC is simply not interested in ***, but why then does the author poke these moments in our faces so clearly? The most unpleasant thing is that the author not only mentions the *** scenes, but partially details them, which makes these moments even more unreadable. And here you cannot use the excuse that this is only the beginning of the novel, since I am writing this comment at the time of the release of Chapter 75. Initially, I started reading this novel because of the harem and 18+ tags, but so far I have not seen any correspondence to these tags in this novel, except perhaps ntr. This novel has pretty good grammar and interesting character development, but I can't give 5 stars due to the above listed shortcomings.


keep up the good work and keep those updates coming i am curious to see what the last soul will need to be my Theory is that he has to lose his own soul completely and fall into disparity that is my or it could be that he has to kill somebody close to him can't wait to find out


Honestly its a pretty good constructed novel but the big problem is that there is one beginning plot and then makes him too strong to later make it so that its almost completely changed plots like one part is the school and then its him just leaving and also they keep having lots of *** this novel like do you have to do it everytime


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