4 Gotham City

Nion forcefully gripped an edgy part of the boulder and separated it from the whole. A piece of pure gold the size of his palm rested in his hand.

'This should be roughly 2 kilograms.'

He flew off the island and searched around until he found another house to raid for clothes after flying over the sea. Thankfully, they had also put the clothes to dry outside so he didn't have a problem borrowing a few...

He put on the clothes and flew at low altitudes searching for a city. He found one and landed near it. He entered the city and asked a nearby man and realized he was in America. He was in Gotham city!

He was a bit excited and at the same time astonished because the city had a grim and dark aura. He had never been to a city with such an aura but he adapted to the situation and searched around for a shop that bought gold. He was not afraid of anything since he could easily destroy the entire city with a Ki attack.

When people are weak, they are cautious about everything but when they become strong, they tend to not take things below them seriously.

Nion also knew that no criminal could face him... even he himself didn't know the full extent of his power.

He found a shop that bought gold after asking around. Many people didn't bother answering him but a few did and he eventually found his way.

He entered the shop, it was quite luxurious. A woman greeted him, "Hello, how can I help you, sir?".

He checked the shop as he said, "take me to the person in charge. I need to speak with them in private.".

The woman seemed unsure but seeing Nion was very handsome and in shape judging from his posture, she nodded and asked him to follow her.

She took him to the second floor, a bald man with a large belly was behind a desk reading documents and seemed annoyed when he saw them.

"I told you to not bring people here..."

"But sir, he insisted on meeting you." The bald man looked Nion up and down, he had experience with the criminal world so when he saw Nion's confident and relaxed posture and his muscles, he thought he was a part of it.

The main reason, however, was because he wore cheap clothes and yet carried himself, unlike poor people. This gave the bald man the impression that Nion was a criminal or something.

"Sure, you can leave now." The woman left the two alone.

Nion sat in front of the bald man's desk on a chair, "I want to sell gold, I only accept cash, no questions asked.".

The bald man smiled, "Just how I like it, How much?".

Nion casually dropped the gold that amounted to roughly 2kg on the desk. "This much."

The bald man gawked, he slowly picked the gold and stared at it in shock.

"Wow... Where did you get this?!"

His eyes grew greedy as he looked at Nion. The latter was looking at the man coldly. The bald man's hair stood on end and he felt out of breath as he locked eyes with Nion.

For some reason, he felt like he might die instantly if he said the wrong word...

He gulped and took out a suitcase from below his desk with trembling hands, he was confused why but his instincts screamed danger. He opened it and rows of cash became visible inside.

He started counting hurriedly...

He took out some and put them in a bag then closed the suitcase and handed the bag to Nion. "There is 120 grand in there. Look, I want no trouble..."

Nion put on a smile and took the bag.

"Pleasure doing business with ya' can you buy let's say 2 tons of gold?" casually asked the Saiyan.

The shop owner's eyes bulged, "No! If you want to sell that amount of gold, you have to do it in the black market.".

Nion nodded, "I see, can you sell it for me? I don't have the time to bother with such petty things... I will give you 10%. I don't really care about money that much...".

Indeed he didn't, he could easily conquer the planet if he wanted so why would he care?

The bald man's eyes lit up in greed, "Are you sure, sir? 10% is a lot!".

Nion nodded nonchalantly as he said, "Yeah, I will bring it here but it won't fit. By the way, If you steal it, I will kill you.".

'I can always go mine more if I need but I can't let people steal from me, it's like a slap in the face and since I possess all this power, it's even worse... As for killing people, I don't think I will mind it that much but until the time comes I won't know for sure.'

The bald man beamed with joy, "Sure sir, How can I be so impudent? As for the place to put it... I have a warehouse. I will sell it for you in less than 10 days.".

Nion nodded, "Give me the address. I will come in 10 days for the money.".

The man gave him a note with an address on it.

"Also, where can I get an ID? I want it to be as good as possible..."

The bald man scrambled behind his desk and took out a card and gave it to him.

"Go there, they are the best in Gotham."

Nion shook hands with the fat bald man, "I am Nion.".

He decided to use this new name for his new life.

"I am Robert. Pleasure meeting you."

Nion nodded and began walking out of the room.

Before he left the room, Nion casually grasped the head of a statue that was put there as decoration and crushed it to pieces.

The bald man saw it and gulped, 'I wanted to take the gold and flee but that strength, he can't be a normal man... Is he related to the bat? Rumors have begun to slowly go around... maybe he is connected? It's best if I do my job and don't meddle into people beyond me.'.

Nion knew the man would try to flee so he crushed the stone to intimidate him. He didn't care enough to stay around and ensure he would give him the money. He would find him and kill him if he stole from him, it was that simple. Who could stop him?

He read the addresses and memorized them, his memory was nearly perfect. He asked around and found the people. Because he was immortal, his brain cells didn't degrade or die which meant he had unlimited perfect memory.

AS he embarked on the path to get an ID Several crimes took place around him but he paid them no mind, he wasn't a hero so he didn't help, 'It won't solve anything and will only bring me unwanted attention.'.

However, he still stopped a few of them on the way by punching the criminals in the face and making them fall unconscious; Those were rape cases and such... He did it so fast that it appeared as a blur so no one saw him.

"Gotham is Gotham... filled with crime. What a dark city!" he murmured as he found the place.

He entered a bar in the darker parts of the city, a bag filled with money on his back, if it was anyone else, they would have died of a nervous breakdown.

He casually walked to a man who was filled with tattoos from head to toe. He seemed to be the man in charge.

"Do you make ID here?" Nion asked.

The man looked at Nion, "Who's asking?".

Nion simply threw him the card. The man caught it and nodded offhandedly, "Sure, details?".

Nion said, "I want it to be as good as possible, with a driver license and everything an adult is expected to have.".

The tattoed man frowned, "I can make that and it will be perfect but That's gonna cost ya'".

"Money's not a problem."

The ID maker smirked, "Good, let's begin. I just need to take a picture.".

The process took some time, they even had hackers to add it to government systems. They were one of the best ID makers in Gotham for a reason...

Nion walked out of the bar with a smile, his bag was much lighter and he had broken a few bones since some people had attacked him to take his money.

In his hand was a bunch of documents that had just been forged. His name on the ID was Ion Grimm. He picked the first part by removing the N from his actual name and the second part was something random that came to his mind.

He made way to Metropolis since Gotham wasn't a good place to open up a bank account so he opened a bank account in Metropolis. No problem occurred which showed the ID was okay.

He deployed some cash into his bank account and rented a hotel for the night.

He sighed contently as he collapsed on the bed in the room of the 5-star hotel and slept like a log after eating 4 pizzas... The stomach of Saiyans was truly incredible.

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