Gen’ei Antique Shop Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Gen’ei Antique Shop


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The first year of the Showa Era, Downtown Tokyo. When you walk down the narrow back alleys in a certain down-town area You can find an antique shop... "Hey, do you know any rumors about No. 49 antique shops?" "Rumors say, you won't be able to enter the shop if you don't have any sins," "They also have a non-human costumer," "The shopkeepers maybe non-human themselves," "You know, there is a rule that you could only enter the shop once, " *** Did you know that an antique possesses a soul of it's own? The antique shop specialized in such items that charm and captivate the buyers. Guided by a mysterious shopkeepers, lead their new owner on a journey into their true destinies. The Ren'ei antique shop open up a portal to the world where torn lover united, broken friendship are mended, and regret are resolved. Can you feel the power of the antique? Welcome to Ren'ei Antique shop, dear customer.