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Devouring the Heavens (ATG)


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What is Devouring the Heavens (ATG)

Devouring the Heavens (ATG) is a popular fanfic written by the author Fellbane, covering R18, HAREM, ROMANCE, REINCARNATION, OPMC, ADVENTURE, SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, COMEDY, ACTION, Book&Literature genres. It's viewed by 1.6M readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 149 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 45 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at a fic, and I decided to go with the ATG world with just a few small AU changes. We have an OC MC with knowledge of the timeline and most of the original characters (except for Scum Che) will show up at some point. This story also focuses quite a lot on building bonds between the MC and the FMLs and may seem a little slow-paced at times. After suffering a life full of illness and strange dreams of a girl in a mystical garden, our MC Shane passes away, only to find himself given another chance in the world of ATG. Suddenly, the dreams are real and so is the girl... Armed with modern knowledge, a quick mind, and some OP abilities, watch how Shane shamelessly forges his own path to the top in this unforgiving world.

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Very original approach to ATG for those that want to try you'll be in for a superb surprise. The writing and the grammar is also extremely good! Now for the story as I said it's an original approach which I found very good, the MC is also likable and his link with XQ is kinda romantic heh. Same for the dialogues, they feel very natural to read. Globally the flow of the story is nicely done too. Anyway y'all should give it a try because Xia Qingyue best girl heh


Obviously as a shameless author, I’m gonna plug my own novel. Feel free to comment on here if you have any questions and i will do my best to answer them. Simping for Xia Qingyue


It's only 7 chapters but it's long so this review is based on all 7 chapters. Writing Quality: It's well done since the author is an English speaker. The writing is much detailed(for me) and I can imagine what the author describing. Overall it's 5 stars. Story Development: So far it's good for now. And info it's has a system but not your system where a yandere or annoying, its simple system(cheat one though) that helps him to get strong faster than normal. Character Design: the MC has cancer and in his childhood, he is in hospital and came in contact with strange phenomena that he meets a girl that he thought a part of his dream. And that said girl he has romantic development, I don't know about the others but for me, it's a good development. Updating Stability: None since it's only a fresh book. World Background: Well it's ATG if you want to know just read the novel. First Time writing Review like this so IDK if my saying is fit into the category.


Completely unique way of starting, becoming better as you read and then captivating you. I wish there were more chapters but seeing its development will be a satisfying read too. Mc is lively and essence of his personality seems likeable. Qinqyue and him have a bit more special relationship than just friends&lovers. I am waiting for the face slapping of those cold fairies.


Take this 5 stars


take my 5 star and give me more chapter author. this will be the only ATG fanfic that even after the mc stay loyal to one girl I will still read.u done a job that the real author of the story failed. such a good connection with them that i cried when i read he is dead.


ps-this review represents only me meaning, I dont know about others thoughts and only my view on this story without being biased. Writing quality is spectacular! The story was really enjoyable, it made me excited and hyped until the chapter 20, or 30. In the first dozen chapter mc's tragic story, and love story was so. amazing that'll undoubtedly put the novel in the 1st place in ff. everything was perfect until the mc started to train the che, and lingxi. dont get me wrong, I didn't mind that, cuz it can be ignored although lingering small amount of uncomfortable . however, the romance between them irritates me. It would be fine if che would go with some other girl without going out with lingxi, the *major character*. Its totally logical that they go out with each other, however, it's stopped becoming enjoyable because in the first place the mc and qingyue was the main point, then there is some other character's romance making it the stealing the lime light. what I mean is, it's totally unnecessary to show romance that doesn't include the mc , because the PLOT doesn't need it. What? you trying to making lingxi and che's romance SUB-PLOT?... It wouldn't be a problem if you just said. che got a girlfriend from the town. Because romance between major character outside of mc is fracking unnecessary, and it totally irritates me. the initial hype dyed down and now I only skim through the chapter to see the ending paragraph. in the end, the ff was the best I've read until 'that' came out. Also mc sharing his achievements with qingyue and che kind turned me off. I,know I know, the mc thinks that they've become his siblings but, Even if it's logical it just a plain text if it's not fun.


Bored out of your mind and just strolling rankings or the Recently Updated section? STOP what you're doing and GO READ this fanfic!! What a START... 1. Long chapters? ✅ 2. System? ✅ 3. Mc transmigrated with knowledge of the plot and isn't stupid? ✅ 4. OP? ✅ Reading Status: C20 . Writing Quality: Nearly perfect without any grammatical error (in my opinion) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . Stability of Updates: 8 chapters on the first day and daily 1 chap for now ... (hope you update 1 chap in 2 days in the future, 3K+ words is no joke) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . Story Development: What a unique way to start a story hands up man ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . Character Design: Why we have so many ATG fanfic out there, cause each character to have a very strong background with so much potential, but original work just ruined everything. As far here -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ satisfying romantic development neither forced nor slow (I believe you'll do an incredible job in the future too) . World Background : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Nothing to say here) . The total score: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (The previous review got shadowban for using profanities in it )


This story is amazing!! I can’t wait for the next chapter. The characters feel alive, the background is solid, the setting is realistic, I have zero complaints.


There are quite a few good ATG fanfiction. There are even fewer good completed fanfictions. I hope the author will be able to complete the work. Хороших фанфиков по ATG довольно мало. Хороших законченных фанфиков - еще меньше. Надеюсь автору удастся завершить работу.


My review till the tatest chapter. (10) The plot was good, atleast it makes sense and unique. The grammar was great, there isn't that many of a mistake. The characters has life into it, the type you can read them with a color(metaphor). Keep writing and I'll give you my support.


like it keep up the good work author and please update more please [img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update]


Nice Story till now read till chapter 9th so keep going. Nice Story till now read till chapter 9th so keep going. Nice Story till now read till chapter 9th so keep going.


Hehe really, the beginning seemed quite interesting ... I've already had a lot of Truck-sama: 0 Besides that Qingyue is one of my characters in the novel. I still do not read the rest but I think it will not disappoint oh! Hope you can finish the novel : 3


Interesting start has potential I think so keep at it I’m likin it so far: Yes yup yes yes yup yeah I yes yup yup yes yes yup yeah I yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yup yes I yes yup yup yes yes yup yes yes yup yeah I yes yup yup


Best ATG fanfic ever...the development is very well done............................................................................................................................


The beginning is very interesting. Hopefully there will be many more interesting chapters. Начало очень интересное. Надеюсь будет еще много интересных глав.


It is a wonderful fanfiction. I have never read a Cultivation fanfic before, but i am pretty sure this is way above the norm, i just hope author wont drop it cause it seems like it will go really well.


more chapter pls ..............................................................................................................................


ITS A REALLY GOOD STORY.... Story started really good. Writing quality is really good. Can imagine the scene so a good way of writing too. ...... Just don't stop writing because till now I read many good ATG fictions but all of the author stopped writting.


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