Devouring the Heavens (ATG) Book

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Devouring the Heavens (ATG)


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After suffering a life full of illness and strange dreams of a girl in a mystical garden, our MC Shane passes away, only to find himself given another chance in the world of ATG. Suddenly, the dreams are real and so is the girl... Armed with modern scientific knowledge, a quick mind, and some OP abilities, watch how Shane shamelessly forges his own path to the top in this unforgiving world. Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at a fic, and I decided to go with the ATG world with just a few small AU changes. We have an OC MC with knowledge of the timeline and most of the original characters (except for Scum Che) will show up at some point. This story also focuses quite a lot on building bonds between the MC and the FMLs and may seem a little slow-paced at times.


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