Game of Lust Book

novel - Fantasy

Game of Lust


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Multiple Towns, Multiple Towers, Multiple Dungeons, Multiple Babes, Multiple Games to play! How could anyone not enjoy just a game? Well this game isn't one everyone can play. Every man who has stepped on the plate either lost their lives or ran away with their tails tucked between their legs. Every woman in here wants to be sexually pleased but the contestant must prove himself to her. Meet Leon Grey, 21 year old man who was forced into this game against his will by his friends. His friends know the dangers of this game, but Leon doesn't. He is told that he can't leave until he's beaten the game. The only problem with that is, no one knows how long the game actually is. Leon Grey decides to take on the game, as he has no choice. Join Leon as he goes through these different places to attempt to beat the Game of Lust.