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Game of lust: Crown Prince's maid


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[WARNING: SLOW BURN] Alora decides to be the first one to use the time machine but what she doesn't know is that her life is going to be changed for the better or is it? She was living her happy life with her friends and other important figures in her life. Life seemed like most other people her age to her. Two pretty and supporting besties who are ready to sacrifice their lives for her. Her besties' parents love her as their own. The perfect employer who loves her as her grandchild. A bunch of crazy professors. But everything changes one day, doesn't it? --- "What are you both doing in my library?" A deep voice echoed in the library. For a second, Alora thought that the birds stopped chirping and the lights dimmed down. She started feeling cold in the presence of the crown prince yet a tint of warmth always stayed there. He gave her mixed feelings. She wasn't scared of him but she wasn't the most comfortable around him either yet she wasn't uncomfortable too. He looked so cold, scaring her yet she wasn't scared. A tint of warmth around him always stayed making the bottom of her belly fill up with warmth. She wants to do nothing with him yet at the same time, she wants to taste his irritated, defeated flavor on her tongue. She wants to run away from him, from the feelings he was making her feel yet at the same time, she wants to break the walls that he has built around himself. His eyes weren't shiny and full of life, they were rather cold and dead. Opposite of the first prince who looked full of life. The crown prince was like a devil. He was devilishly handsome, cold yet soothing like music and seductive as a seducer. All of these without even trying to. --- "The prince is so cold. Who made him the crown prince? And why he's even the crown prince when the first prince is older than him?" She blabbered. "Shh, don't talk about it. It's the royal family's choice. They can give the throne to whoever they want," Aurora said making Alora nod her head. ---- "Her love is like sin and I was a sinner~" "I will never fall in love with you. Don't get any wrong idea. You are nothing but a maid for me, " he said with his usual blank face on. "Neither will I. You are the cold crown Prince who isn't worth my time, " she said in a playful tone. --- "Stop me before I end up doing something we both will regret," his breath falls on her lips. "We both are already burning. What worse can happen?" --- He had everything under his control, his power and emotions. Then, she came along, an average-looking girl who was a mix of mature and childish. His constant blank look started bothering her. She wanted to get under his skin to pass her time but what she didn't know is that she was playing with the thunderstorm. But she was ready to get burned. --- Alora: Beautiful Charming Carefree Strong-willed A warrior who's a sucker for knowledge Abe: Calm Strong Charming Dangerous A crown prince who's a control freak -- Another warning: the ML appears a little late but it's never too late. It's a slow burn. Hence, Don't expect the MCs to jump at each other after a few chapters. You won't be getting any smuts here unless it's past 200 chapters. But it will be worth it, I promise. The book is set in both historical and modern eras. Other works: 1) Art of Seduction: Ace Queen's Vengeance (WSA 2022 submission) Discord: modestbaddie#4732 The picture doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the rightful owner. I just edited it.


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