Fragments of Your Love [Quick Transmigration] Book

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Fragments of Your Love [Quick Transmigration]


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[Master's soul is split due to this mortal and now I have to count on him to retrieve all of master's soul fragments. I can't believe this...] A certain mortal: "What do you mean! What's wrong with me huh!" A certain 'master': "Nothing my love, you're perfect~" A few things you need to know... 1. This is 1v1 (sry, no threesome or more) 2. Always abused gong (ML) and proactive caring shou (MC) 3. Both main characters are perverts (so it might be a bit fast paced for some of ya all...) 4. Jennybp14 is my co-author, she deserves her credits. 5. Will (most likely) NOT do Historical or Cultivation arcs (I'm bad at those, but u will see other unique themes). Updates: sporadic Support Me?: ko-fi.com/immoralshan *credits for picture: @Gaebok_Jing (Twitter) *edited by yours truly: ME


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