Forthcoming Of The Infinity Emperor
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Forthcoming Of The Infinity Emperor


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What is Forthcoming Of The Infinity Emperor

Read Forthcoming Of The Infinity Emperor novel written by the author Kateki on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


From the time being born till the age of 16, Arturo Kei couldn’t initiate any magic. But after meeting a girl named Naomi, he began using magic and became her Adventure partner. Years later, Naomi meets her end, and Arturo’s entire fate changes. In the year XX26, war broke out in the Miscentia continent against countless monsters, myths like dragons, and unknown being called Monarchs. At the end of that war, Arturo was the only remaining one on that lifeless battlefield. He shed blood, lost his beloved ones and friends, and walked over many lives through this war. In the end, he also met his demise at the hands of a Monarch. When Arturo opened his eyes, he realized that he was back in time when he was just 14 years old. Back when he was living peacefully with his family and the time when he couldn’t even use single magic. As time passes, he reunites with his precious friends, and he is determined to change that cruel fate, save the world, and protect his beloved ones. _________________________________________________________________________ For updates, announcements (for new novels, novel updates, etc), and many more (I guess?). https://www.instagram.com/ig_kateki/ (Instagram handle)


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The plot is super super interesting, especially the first chapter is really good to captivate the reader's attention. The author really did a good job writing this. Keep it up, author. I love the story so far.


A good story, with an interesting plot. The first chapter caught my attention, and I love how the writer displays the information. Overall good story other than a few grammatical errors or mistakes.


The progression of the story is fantastic and the book gets better and better. A very interesting book that combines knowledge and magic, fun with lots of good fight scenes as Arturo learns to use his mana and levels up. I loved the descriptions of magic powers, clases, the world of the author and his characters. Fantastic book!


A very interesting story with interesting characters😁. I especially loved the sequence of events. There was no lagging and the pacing was quick😂. I also would love to see more human moments! And I hope the MC doesn't loose anyone this time😭. Keep writing Author! !


The world is built-up pretty well, you can see that the author has put some thought into establishing it. I have to be honest the characters feel rushed and we only get a few lines from each of them, his parents, sister and teacher, author you have a good world but you need to work on those characters a bit more and give us more dept to them. If the characters are fixed I am certain that we will get a book worth picking up everyday for a few minutes. Good luck author keep it up


The story was captivating and enticing in it's own way😊. The whole plot of the story was curious and it was hard to avert my gaze even when I had work to do 😂😂😂 Keep up the good work dear author, you have a great book going on!


A great story not gonna lie author have creative mind, I'm loving the plot and background its really interesting over all I'll give it 10/10 keep up give your amazing work author Good luck 💛[img=recommend]


i like this story... simple but easy to understand. the plot alone makes me curious, especially when reading chapter by chapter. it seemed to entice me to read on. good job and keep the spirit to write 😊👍


start of story was simple yet captivating !! The progression of story is great as well. Characters are well designed !! Loved it !! would recommend everyone !! Keep up the work !!


First thing first, I like the plot and I'm obsessed... The inside chapters is kinda informative like how magic or powers work. Overall there are mistakes, if I'll be honest, there are mistakes, like typo's that can be fix using grammarly. But the story is amazing, I love the whole level up character and disciple thing, it kinda shine the story, keep up!


kiddos to the author ♥️♥️. what an excellent job, I must say. keep writing, I love the fact that the book is in another universe. gives the writer the chance to make his or her rules. making writing FUN!!😍😍


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