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Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters. Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters. Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters. Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters. Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters.


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This novel is bad, not because the writing, the grammar or even the world background. The MC is way too OP, but that can be a feature, the system rewards and weapon stats are stupidly simple, mostly because it is a linear increase. The MC has no reason to increase his skill or produce more powerfull weapons. He could literally mass produce the most inferior kind and grow faster than he does in the story. You might be used to these kinds of errors in web novels and you would be right to argue that a good story can stand above such trivialities. You might even be right. The problem is, this story has one of the worst character designs I have ever seen, even some harem novels have side characters with better design. I am used to the usual Goddess with amazing talent, skill, wealth etc. falling in love with the seemingly useless trash MC. It is badly done here, but alright. The catastrophe starts with the fact that the MC sleeps with her, fights the major forces of his hometown for her, risks himself and his masters/adoptive fathers smithy, supports her clan and then decides to leave her behind. It is not like he is in danger, needs something to grow stronger or a friend or family member is in danger. He just doesn't seem to care anymore, he literally wasted 3 years trying to forge, but after his first success at making a 3 tier weapon he loses interest. His love, his masters legacy , the war inside the city just do not matter anymore. It is not like he is a pervert, scumbag or an evil character. He is just flat. The author decided the MC needed to change character and wasn't interested in making up a reason. The other characters are also flat and inconsequential, so it is not like there is anything to look forward to. 2nd of 5 new novels that is trash.


A blacksmith huh... The only way that these kinds of novels will do well is if they can think outside of the box and create unique items and gear rather than the standard sword of armor. I would refer to The Legendary Mechanic or Everyone Else is a Returnee to see how crafting is done right for me.


MC spent 3 years of his life as an unsuccessful blacksmith. He had done nothing notable aside from that. Basically, he had been living like a non-entity in those 3 years. There was a girl that was in love with him for no reason, other than her having spent some time with him. Things only came ‘alive’ after he awakened his cheat; suddenly the girl decided to be intimate with him, suddenly some mook started finding trouble with him, suddenly there were assassins targeting him. His personality is bland. It was mentioned that he transmigrated, but he did not have the maturity and unique mindset of a person from Earth. His transmigration is probably just a set up for the existence of his cheat, nothing would really change in the plot even if he’s a native. As for the plot, most of the time he’s forging weapons, and when he’s not forging, he’s fighting, or some characters would bother him...no problem with that, but it would get boring later because the MC has no other feature that could make him attractive to readers, aside from his cheat perhaps. You can just treat this like a generic xianxia novel, be it the plot pattern or the MC's personality, just in a western setting.


It really is questionable how something like this gets picked. The story is extremely rushed and full of cliches and based on the ratings (I know that ratings aren´t meant to be taken seriously here, but still) noone seems to like this novel. Trial reads are truly useless. The good ones get dropped while the bad ones get picked and eventually, they also get dropped because noone´s reading that garbage. 0 / 5


I see there this is going, a D&D fantasy world where everyone calls the protagonist by his Chinese name, a dumb system awakening and mc who gets laid in the first chapter on a woman we barely know anything about. Great character design and plot development, I am focking dropping this. Also thank you very much WebNovel for dropping Warlock Apprentice this week and picking up this peace of idiotic wishfulfilment crap.


blacksmith novel aren't new and i used to like some but not that much. he can become knight, wizard and maybe add more in the future but the narrative is not my cup of tea it's not engaging enough for me to waste my time here.


So I was looking at the top fans, because I could not believe there would ever be someone paying for this and I found something interesting. Top 1 is normal, read 50+ books in 400+ h. Which isn't much considering the length of some web novels. Top2-4 A bot who read more than 100h but not a single book, a quitter who only read 100+h but started 50+ books and two more who look, sound and have the statistics of a stupid bot. If not a single one of the is a bot I will drink a bootle of bud light lime.


Very poorly written and haphazard story Not worth bothering to read even 40 chapters in trial read. The character is one dimensional and there doesn't seem to be any plot at all for the story. Total waste of time.


The character's flat, the plot's as straight as highway through the prairie, the romance is bland, and the world building is a bad impressionist landscape with blobs of colours smeared to leave a distinctly vague idea of the subject of the painting.


Only way I see this having been picked is due to the ease of translation. Half the novel is word filler of repeated messages about his element points that aren't even different, his whole point of getting strong is for his new fiancée that he gets in chapter 1 yet you don't see her for 10 chapters at a time. I think his fiancée has less screen time than her own father. The love enemy fodder 'Donald' has more screen time than the fiancée despite dying randomly 15 chapters in. He had 1,000 failures towards smithing in a row, yet once he gets the system he hasn't failed without forced interuption. No explanation as to why he suddenly turned into a god smith. System didn't give him any smithing talent. All it did was make him stronger, which mind you, we don't even know the combat system. All we know is that the novel is not good.


Just.. Stupid.. 3 years, nothing happens.. in 3 days the City Lord is trying to kill him.. 3 years, nothing happens.. in 3 days the MC's excuse's changes 5 times.. 3 years, nothing happens.. in 3 days the MC turns into someone else!?


an extremely rushed novel with a bland MC and puppet character with zero world building. you feel like reading summery of a 1200 chapter novel in 120 chapters. I don't even know why Webnovel selected this one, giving us nothing is better than this crap


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There were better novels as options, they chose 3 from which 2 are good, but this one does not deserve to be translated. It's clear that the author didn't even bother to read about smithing, and really why would he do it when his novel can still be chosen even if it's bad as fk. Nothing is really explained in this novel, the power system is rushed with no explanation on how anything works, the world building ... don t think it has that. Qidian encourages the style of ,,low quality work(everything works because it works no logic needed) with a lot of filler that is easy to translate but readers get bored fast" over "works where the author took his time to read about the subject he writes about, that for sure it's harder to translate but keeps readers wanting more" They are practically killing the goose that lies eggs, because they are hungry. Short sighted 100%.


Why does this book have 380 top fans supporting it even with such crappy reviews? Please enlighten me if you know.. I haven’t read it and am not going to after reading the reviews.


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1 star might seem trollish, but this is that bad and I wish editors would have a brain 🧠 they can use to choose better picks. Like seriously out of everything here this trash is picked?


Was waiting for another novel about blacksmithin called “Blacksmithin the tempering begins with ones flesh” It has an original idea of forging oneself into a weapon