Follow Through
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Follow Through

Alisa Leslie

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What is Follow Through

Read Follow Through novel written by the author Alisa Leslie on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The journey of a goofy,emotional girl as she discovers herself and her untapped abilities.She finds herself wondering if true love has been right under her nose and soon realises that nothing happens by chance and her destiny is far more profound-and much weirder-than she thought.Join her in the mystical land of Opa as she banters with a tree looking bear,curses with fruit swear words,drools over a King with gold tipped horns,falls in love with her Dr.Doolittle best friend and stuffs her face at every opportunity,all while training to stop the Evil Gargol. ***WARNING*** Mature, sexual content as the story progresses.18+ advised.

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Very interesting novel. That is all I can say after reading first chapters. Because what else does a reader need?! Only interesting novel with amazing characters.


This story is like a rollercoaster ride, not just because of the storyline, but the author's writing style makes it a bit more fun to read. And that's a good thing. ❤️


Well first off I gotta say I don't do well with first person narrations. but that's just my taste in books it's not anything to discredit this one coz there a people who prefer first person narrations. So it took me a while to read through it and for a style o don't prefer the author has done a great job of making me like it. the style of writing is quirky and comedic but not overdone, just the right amount. i like how the story starts off mysterious and clues us in on the character's background and past, slowly building a world around the character. I laughed when he was cussing out with fruit names😂 anyway I'm certainly willing to give this book a chance and i hope others do because its a work of art. Congrats to the author great job 👍🎉


OO OMG!!!! , I am already liking the book. The female lead has a really good sense of humour so I definitely adding this to my reading list.👉🏽👈🏽🖤


First of all, if it's your first novel why would you lock chapters at 13? in the first 12 chapters that read, or I tried to read with the kind of you me conversation in the same paragraph, I will not be progressing! unless you are an 'other world' reader, and looking for for this kind of writing, it's hard to follow!


At first the story made me think to Alice in wonderland but it different and original the main character will kill out of laughter. For the one who like fantasy stories with a little zest of comedy this is for you[img=recommend]


I've only read the first Chapter so far but this book is actually written in an interesting way! Will definitely put this in my reading list! P.S I can't believe you actually dropped by my story's review section to shamelessly promote XD i feel honored come join our discord server where you can also post a link of your story for others to see. https://discord.gg/vt56SpGeFP


Beautifully well written novel thanks to the author who have written this book it have some beautiful words and things in it that touches my heart and that I really loved right now . 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖


Thoroughly enjoyable read,loved ever second of it and cant wait for more.The mc is amazing and the author clearly has a phenomenal sene f humor.Why arent people paying for this? Its sooooo much better than alot of books on this site.


Thank you guys soooo much for reading my book,hope I've been able to put a smile on your face and you're enjoying going on this journey with my girl Jude 😁.Any support-whether it be votes,comments,reviews or purchasing a chapter-would be greatly appreciated.I promise you won't be disappointed 🤗♥️😊


Creative writing skill, the story develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. Good use of words that complement the story


This book is very captivating and unique in a creative way. I'm just onto the first chapter and loved it. I know i have a lot more to discover. BUT I JUST LOVE IT. It matches my humour and is so funny😍 I love how she built up real life content into a novel ❣️ I have tighten my belts and m ready to go onto this journey yayaya! ♥️


A beautifully well written story with an incredible protagonist. The story was captivating and I think anyone would find it's chapters appealing and desirable. Definitelyone to get into if you'relooking for something different


Interesting story. I can very much relate to the life of the character and I'm already hooked to it. This one's great and I am really recommending this one 😄


Very unique and captivating story. The characters are well developed and organized. An absolute read for everyone. i definitely recommend it . nice job author


I guess there's a lot more I'll discover in the later chapters😀. My belts are all tightened up because the first chapter was driving me way too fast! I loved it! Keep going! You got this 💪. I love your choice of words.


Such a unique story. I love the fruit swears in here. Couldn't stop laughing whenever I read them. The main character is really interesting as well. Excited to see more chapters!


I am a huge fan of plot that is based on female and I am glad to say this is one of them, I love this story, the writing style is easy to understand and the plot is amazing. Well done author!


What a very unique and interesting fantasy story! I have never read this kind of story before so I'm really liking it! The characters are very interesting that I'm starting to like them as I continue to read! Not to mention, this one is well written. Highly recommended!


Oh my mango. Love the fruit swearing. It's the best part for me so far. They say it's clique to use a wake up scene for the first chapter of a book but this is the best wake up scene that I've seen so far. The character and everything is so we'll developed in this story is like you've spend every amount of brain space on this story for me I can't write a fantasy story to save my life. keep up the good work author.


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