Finally My Sun Rises Book

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Finally My Sun Rises

Sakura night

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  • 49 Chs

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A passionate love story of a shy girl. Sara is a shy, beautiful and cute and kind girl, lost her mother long ago in her childhood, being an only child, live with her father and step mom. She has trust issues and lack confidence. But one day, she met her destiny waiting for her desperately. Can this be her chance to gain everything she desired in her life? And what will happen when two different people deal with each other? Will this cruel world let her live peaceful or will her past bring some complicated truths in front of her? What will happen when her personality get together with an ignorant but kinda attractive guy? Daniel who is known for his good looks and boldness. Can a billionaire like him help her see the sun rise in her life? It's a story of a romance, action and drama between two different personalities ... as we know that opposite attracts... lets see how people with totalllyyy different aspects, come along...