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What is Fate Written

Fate Written is a popular web novel written by the author angel_batinga, covering Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 127.4K readers with an average rating of 4.82/5 and 42 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Destiny Alders is a girl who loves expressing herself through writing in her journal. Ever since she was nine years old she loved to write down everything she couldn't say out loud. Her feelings, bad days, everything was written in her journals. It wasn't until the night before her thirteenth birthday when she wrote not because she wanted to, but because she felt a strong will to. Her very first journal entry that was not about herself. Sean Davis is a mysterious guy hoping to outrun a tragic event he blames himself for. Five years later, he finally decides that he can't heal in the same place things happened. Taking his father, and his two siblings with him, they move into Luna City where his grandmother lives, hoping for a fresh start. Things take a turn when Sean finds what caused his tragic event. • • • • ‼️TEASER‼️ He leaned on his car, relying on it for support. Whatever it was forcing its way back through his mind, he stopped fighting it. He allowed the tsunami of thoughts to flood throughout his mind as if it were punishment. Like he thought he deserved to be drowned in an endless loop of... regret? And then something out of this world happened. He met my gaze and in an instant, he was calm again. I could hear his heart rate slow down. There was no longer fear in his eyes, no inner battle in his head. He won the war, and he had used me as his lever. He took this second of peace and allowed his waves to steady. • • • • TWO PERSPECTIVES Much credit to "Descriptionair" Join Destiny and Sean on an emotional roller coaster of love, uncovered secrets, heartbreak and intensity. WATTPAD rankings: || Highest Rank - #1 in Heartfelt || Strong Language. All Rights Reserved.

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For a writer, especially those who are just starting out, this novel will be really inspirational. The plot claimed my interest. Although it has articulate utterance of how the story will flow, the writing had its intriguing scheme of stealing my attention. Very well done, author!


It was interesting reading this book. The writing is very accurate and well thought thru, I also really enjoyed the way that characters were written. I could easily imagine their personalities. Thou, I suggest for your next stories to try and describe character appearances more. Otherwise, very enjoyable book to read even thou I wouldn't normally read this kind of genre. Good work author!


Interesting, I like the plot of being a romance and a fantasy. I could read more of this so more update, its good to read something like this.


this book made me realized how I'm missing my school friends... memory lane coming up... Thanks to this author.. you have a lovely plot. Wonderful characters... I'm loving them already.... thumbs up! 😘😘😘🥰🥰😂😂😂😂😂 I'll finish this one when I'm done reminiscing.


Interesting! It's actually me in real life..on how the characters acted lols...it's totally relatable..It hilarious..with a hint of Korean culture who wouldn't love it..kudos author!!


Damn that plot is smthg else though. Your writing is really good. I love the relationships, like they're damn goals. Please update daily so that I can read more. Can't wait to read what happens.


I like it. The beginning if the story was something that pulls readers to continue reading, and the scene paints a very beautiful portrait. I especially love how the story begun with Destiny loving autumn and looking at the world with a very nice view. There was something about it that somehow hides a lot of conundrum, and I hope you continue writing. -Lemoné


The synopsis of the story entice me to read a whole updated chapter of the story. The author did great in laying out a good plot. The story is nice:) kudos to the author for having a nice masterpiece👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


So neatly written. The author portrayed each character so vividly, giving attention to detail. The emotions, the angst that all teenagers go through...great job author. its a wonderful read


Amazing job dear author! I am reading it and don't want to stop at all! You opened the all memory lanes of school days. The storyline is so captivating that I just can't stop reading till the end. Superb job. Your writing style is so good. 👏👏👏👍


It pulled me in the way only wonderfully written words can. Your writing Quality is radiant, and story development is intriguing. Tehehee, Amazing Job :)


I looove this book! I could see no flaw. It flowed beautifully. The more you read the book, the more curious and intrigued you get, it just sort of draws you in, you know? This is an amazing work of art Author, keep up the good work!❤🌹


I came across this book, and I love every detailed word that has been written by the author, you could feel the intense emotions and how the flow of the story is going . It's one of the best books and recommend it , keep it up ❤


Reveal spoiler


The story is very exciting, I love the author illustrates the characters in the plot and I'm barely through with the story, it's a good write, great job author


i read the synopsis and i liked it already ... thr plot is amazing ... and the characters too ... keep up the really good work because you book shines❤


This story has something in it that keeps me hooked.... I did back for more each time I leave... the author has done an amazing job in making this story really good... I can't wait for more[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Great. From the beginning till i read i loved it😁😁. Great plot and story. Great character description. Keep up the job.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I cannot seem to stop. Literally. The plot is enveloped with mystery and apprehension. It only adds to the thrill of finding out what happened through the two main characters. I love a good mystery, and I definitely recommend it for anyone else who loves a good mystery.


Underrated. A new book, but underrated. You have talent, author. I enjoy reading this book and the plot is very creative and unique. If this was a movie I'd watch it.


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