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Fate Written


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Destiny Alders is a girl who loves expressing herself through writing in her journal. Ever since she was nine years old she loved to write down everything she couldn't say out loud. Her feelings, bad days, everything was written in her journals. It wasn't until the night before her thirteenth birthday when she wrote not because she wanted to, but because she felt a strong will to. Her very first journal entry that was not about herself. Sean Davis is a mysterious guy hoping to outrun a tragic event he blames himself for. Five years later, he finally decides that he can't heal in the same place things happened. Taking his father, and his two siblings with him, they move into Luna City where his grandmother lives, hoping for a fresh start. Things take a turn when Sean finds what caused his tragic event. • • • • ‼️TEASER‼️ He leaned on his car, relying on it for support. Whatever it was forcing its way back through his mind, he stopped fighting it. He allowed the tsunami of thoughts to flood throughout his mind as if it were punishment. Like he thought he deserved to be drowned in an endless loop of... regret? And then something out of this world happened. He met my gaze and in an instant, he was calm again. I could hear his heart rate slow down. There was no longer fear in his eyes, no inner battle in his head. He won the war, and he had used me as his lever. He took this second of peace and allowed his waves to steady. • • • • TWO PERSPECTIVES Much credit to "Descriptionair" Join Destiny and Sean on an emotional roller coaster of love, uncovered secrets, heartbreak and intensity. WATTPAD rankings: || Highest Rank - #1 in Heartfelt || Strong Language. All Rights Reserved.