512 Mated by Heart


He was suddenly pressed down by the immense weight of a massive lioness who growled and twisted back onto her feet and stood, ears back and tail lashing, but didn't attack.

"Love," Reth said, his voice rough with emotion. "My love."

Her ears came forward and she stared at him, then took first one, then two steps forward to press her broad head into his chest. Her chest expanded with the force of her sigh as he gripped her head and nuzzled her. 

When they both pulled back, he didn't take his eyes off hers as he spoke, low and quiet, to Gahrye. "I'm going to run with her, get her back to the cave as quickly as she's able," he said. 

Gahrye shifted On his feet behind him. "Good idea."

"I am… so grateful, Gahrye. You brought my mate home to me, just as you said you would. You have fulfilled your blood vow. You have all my gratitude. When things have settled down we'll discuss your honor."

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