18 18. Mystical North

He looked at Cressida astoundingly. Thinking what's wrong with him to give a gold coin for a test. Nodding, he pulled out a burner and placed the wax on it. Dipping a piece of paper in the liquid he used previously, he placed it above the flame of the wax. The paper begins to turn blue and burned down. Enlarging his eyes, the man stared at Cressida with surprising fear in his eyes.

"From where did you get this?"

"Why such a reaction?" She questioned.

With shaky hands, he adjusted his glasses and looked at Cressida. "This is not from the east."

"Where is it from?" She asked.

"This is the poison that is found in the breath of an animal," The man said.

"That is insane. How can the breath of an animal be poisonous?" She frowned at him.

"This was the legendary saying; the dragons that fly in the north breathes the fire with the venom."

"This is just a story. It can't be possible." Cressida said.


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