Eternal Saga : Rebirth
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Eternal Saga : Rebirth


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What is Eternal Saga : Rebirth

Read Eternal Saga : Rebirth novel written by the author Nightwalker_7 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, cultivation, martialarts, multiplerealms. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Zhang Feng, a 28 year old man died and crossed-over into the body of Qin Feng, a newborn baby boy. The first words he heard were his parents thinking about abandoning him as his body was a waste and he couldn't cultivate. In this world where strength means everything, Zhang Feng had a body prone to illnesses. As he was frequently sick, it was given that he couldn't live beyond the age of 20. But Fate had something else planned for him.....

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The plot of the story has a huge potential as it reveals quite a lot of possibilities. I gave it a try and loved the way the author wrote. The story gives a sense of classical Dao and mysteries of the world. The frequency of updating chapters is good too. Can't wait to read more chapters. I'm just on chapter 5 yet it has greatly aroused my interest and appreciation. Keep up the good work.


Sup Guys! I will thicken my face to given this novel the rating (cough, cough) Anyways, it's your Author here. I am writing this novel because when I read cultivation novels, I felt that I could do much better than some of them. No that I'm bragging but the plot of my story has got some potential. Since I'm a great guy so let me tell you a spoiler. This is actually only the first book of Eternal Saga Series. Hehe, we have quite a long way to go. So I hope you guys support encourage me through out the journey. Well then, I take my leave on that note. Ciao.


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