Eodem: a Rifle and Sword Adventure
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Eodem: a Rifle and Sword Adventure


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What is Eodem: a Rifle and Sword Adventure

Eodem: a Rifle and Sword Adventure is a popular web novel written by the author Hackata_48, covering ISEKAI, FANTASY, MAGIC, COMEDY, SCIENCE FICTION, ACTION, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, MEGACORPORATIONS, DECONSTRUCTION, REAL POLITIK, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 553.6K readers with an average rating of 4.53/5 and 35 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 55 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After a routine planet-fall on an Earth-like planet near the farthest recorded reaches of the frontier, a group of United Federation of Earth colonists looking for a new home has stumbled into a planet that is described as a "Fantasy World". Complete with dwarf, elfs, dragons, orcs, monsters and shockingly other humans, a brave Special Action Squad code-named 'Stryder Group' must survive in this new world with their guns, wits, genre savviness and a few good cans of Spaghetti sauce. A story inspired by Modern World meets with Fantasy World (like Gate, the Accident and Stargate) (Now a Webnovel Semi-Exclusive! Always 2 Chapters ahead of every other releases in Wattpadd and Spacebattles Forums. Catch the latest chapters here in Webnovel now!)

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Read this on Space Battles. This novel combines several elements from GATE and Science Fiction stories. The novel do contain great story development, world background, and decent writing. To summarize: Maganda ito


The story about Sci fi force comes to a fantasy medieval world to enlighten the primitive with modernization and advancement with some elements of neo-colonialism in an necessary evil way.


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At first I was a bit reluctant to read, but the author’s talent truly began to shine as I analyzed the chapters. Eodem is quite a fun story, with an amazing selection of main characters and a clear antagonist. Creative writing combines aspects of sci fi and fantasy, with strong military isekai, cyberpunk, and magical elements. The use of magic is also well planned, as the magic interacts with science in interesting ways.


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3 chapters in and i am not so far impressed. The 'UFC' set up is unbelievable. The characters are introduced like the first episode of a TV series. The first encounter was ruined by the terrible dialogue. Not recommended. Again, only 3 chapters. Look for other reviews to see if maybe it gets better later in.


I’ve been following this story ever since its beginnings on wattpad, truth be told it’s the main reason I joined this platform(very happy about that decision, you guys rock). It is basically the quintessential example of story I would enjoy: military-focus, futurism/transhumanism, but also interwoven with a fairly realistic take on fantasy elements with a lovely slice of life atmosphere in some chapters. I really like the little romance between Iris and her Nightman, show us more! Few nitpicks I have are the glaring lack of droids (autonomous ground combat units, think the chariot line from Horizon: Zero Dawn game) in the UFE forces, Don Aparo has an android for crying out loud give us some real ‘Metal Demons’ for the natives to break down over and the distinct lack of directed energy weapons, ever since Kasserheim and the Corpo with the beam rifle + the Ruiner I wanted more of that. TL;DR: It’s lovely, read it! It’s FREE for crying out loud.


This serie is good, rarely you see a good match between the genre of sci-fi amd fantasy that works well. However I must complain on the paragraphs structure, tge majority ofnthe readers at this site use the app, which mean we are reading on mobile or tablets, long paragraphs work for books, but not amymore, you need to write with mobile devices and tablets at mind, trying to read a paragraph that is as long as two sweeps of the screen of my kindle uncomfortable.


Started reading the novel on Wattpad and honestly think its the best direct take on Gate .. and even better than Gate actually when it comes to the social and psychological part. Most characters have depth and the story is quite realistic to some extend (obviously not so much the fantasy part ..) the only problem is maybe the missing editor.


great characters, good logic, some antagonist feels too dumb but overall acceptable,. tags of science vs magic. not much wish fulfilment. lovers of gate and rtw will like it with ''yeah,take that *****h'' feeling fulfilled. not some poosy always with righteousness. shows some real dark sides of both worlds.


This has got to be one of the stories I actually get excited about when it's updated. I can read one chapter over an entire say and only be about half way through it. It's sotry and characters are really great and their character development is spectacular. This can be said for basically everything about the story my only wish is that the author would release chapters quicker because I love it so much.


The setting is like out of space author neobear. Is there a way for the characters to replenish their guns and ammunition or is this a kingdom building setting but anyway keep it up author i am going to read this now thank you.


Been liking isekai and modern/scifi x fantasy stories which kinda hard to find, but this one is a jewel. Ive always wishing theres a story which involves space age or cyberpunk combined with medieval fantasy, and then i found Eodem


Excellent isekai story! The fantasy world is about to enter a new age such as meji restoration, europe invasion of asia, british empire and much more


i really liked the story was searching for more novel similar to Japan Summons then found our about this novel..even better iits Scifi modern vs medievil!


Genial tantos meses esperando por fin puedo leer el capítulo tan esperado espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo solo espero que esos piratas no ataquen el asentamiento colonial


The Best redaction of one battle and i can image the Scorpions how one mecha of the Game .....**** i canrt rememb anyway ...and the elf princess is nos a terminaría shit their apps


Me encanta el desarrollo del combate si solo las actualizaciones salieran más seguido daría un puntaje más alto ,no puedo esperar a leer como destrozan a los ejércitos aliados de slegian , elfos altos y oscuros y los remanentes enanos


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Good story but for xp needs more good story so this story is good no matter what good story.why do story so good but never good good stroy why story good.


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