Ensnaring his Dark Moon Book

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Ensnaring his Dark Moon


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Once a princess, now a maid. By choice?! Esmeray Reis, once a princess, is now an ordinary person. She prefers to live like a bespectacled wallflower to stay far away from people's attention until one day she is compelled to enter the Royal Castle disguised as a maid under certain circumstances. Aleister Daven, a mysterious Prince. Dark, devious, and dangerous. The mention of his name is enough to make people tremble. Uninterested in most of the things until he comes across the stubborn woman who won't spare a glance in his way. When strange incidents happen around her, she finds herself waking up in the depths of the ageless sea. Mysterious powers awakening inside her body threatens to shred away her existence and her rationality. The involvement of merfolk makes everything more complicated. Staying far away from him was all she ever wished but what was she going to do when he becomes the sole ray of light in the darkness surrounding her? Will she take his hand? ... Excerpt: ''What do you think of me?'' she asked him. ''What about you? What if I ask the same question? What do you think of me?" ''Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?" she tilted her head.  ''A truth will do.''  ''You are my favorite," Esme took a step towards him, closing the distance between them. She held his hand, ''I want to be there with you, for a long long time. I love you, Aleister Daven, and...'' She cleared her throat and hesitated for a moment before continuing, ''...And you are not allowed to reject me,'' she mumbled under her breath.  "Isn't this what men are supposed to do?" She shrugged, "I don't mind as long as I get what I want. And you happen to be the one I want." There was a growing tension in the air. Not getting a response from him, Esme blinked, ''What? I... mmph...''  He grabbed the back of her neck and captured her lips before she could finish her words.


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