Elenoras's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold Book

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Elenoras's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold


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Now, this is a story about a young mage known as Ken Granfold! Raised on an island, isolated from the rest of the world by his Grandpa, Ken is finally 17 and allowed off of the Island and enrolled into a prestigious academy known as "Elenora's Academy of Magicka". An Academy known as the best in the continent of Elenora.A prestigious school for young wizards to learn more about magic and hone their spells. With his mind exploding with curiosity, his soul burning with a fighting spirit, follow Ken Granold on his journey through; Elenora's Academy of Magicka! [This story is located on several other websites, especially ScibbleHub and Royal Roads. But this is version is the polished and updated version, with different plot points and added scense. This Re-written Version will have major difference compared to the old versions. I hope you enjoy]


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