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Academy of Immortals


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The last thing Princess Roselyn Lightwood expected during her visit to the Mortal Realm was to suddenly get attacked by a sexy-as-hell vampire. Next thing she knew, she was trapped in the Shadow Realm because of the forbidden bite and was forced by the Shadow Council to attend the prestigious Shadow Academy or the 'Academy of Immortals' until they were assured she hadn't become an abomination. Dark Arts, History, Physical Training, and a bunch of Field Works weren't the only new troubles she had to struggle with in her life at the Academy. There was that stupid and sexy bloodsucker who was not only the reason behind all her misery but was also her new blood mate and it seemed like he had all the plans to complete their bond instead of breaking it to save both their lives. Then, there was the arrogant but equally hot Prince River, a dark fae royal, who turned out to be her destined soulmate but wanted nothing to do with her. And let's not forget the big brother, Crown Prince Felix, who despite having a fiance, made sparks fly every time he appeared in front of Roselyn, and his fiance seemed to not like those sparks at all. But along with these trouble-making men in her life, she also got a guardian/mentor, the last dark elf alive who was definitely off limits for several reasons but forbidden fruits had always been her favorite. And to complete the list, her family sent someone from her realm to look after her in the Shadow Realm and it turned out to be none other than Lord Caspian, a man full of mysteries and also Roselyn's betrothed. Life had never been easy for Princess Roselyn but it became a roller coaster ride after she got trapped in the Shadow Realm with her future in the hands of those who barely wanted to see her alive. Worst of all, she had a secret that could not only change her fate but the fate of both the Seelie and Unseelie realms, a secret that she needed to keep hidden. Just how she's going to survive? Would these men who kept pulling the strings of her heart prove to be her friends or would they become the reason for her end? ***** Warning:- Mature Content and use of strong language in the story. This is a Reverse Harem story where the Female Lead will have several love interests. Also, there will be MxM and FxF scenes too. - Disclaimer: The book cover ain't mine, credit goes to the original owner. Follow me on Insta for more novel-related updates: @nightsummer20


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